what doesn’t kill me and all of that bullshit

This week at work is just kinda crazy and I have to use my brain a lot and get pulled in all of the directions and take my brain with me in those directions and by the end of the day I’m kinda just really tired. But that hasn’t stopped me from taking care of business.

Yesterday was gym day. So, I gymmed!

Foam roller
FM hack squat 70×15 70×15 70×15
Step ups quick 15 15 15
Leg press 90×10 90×10 90×10
Single leg hamstring curl 20×8 10×10 10×10
Ab circuit
Med ball ab toss 4×10

I did my usual five minutes on the stairmaster and then the shoulder warm ups. My neck was still quite sore but nowhere near the level of ouch from Monday. But I told him about the neck pain and about me actually using my foam roller at home and doing my shoulder stretches but I couldn’t remember all of the areas to roll or how to roll them. So we started out by doing that. And now I know and I shall roll my body top to bottom!

Then he made me stretch my neck and the first move made me say “OOOOWWW!!!!” and him say “SHHH!!!” and tears sprung to my eyes. So he then made me stretch my neck after every set of exercises. It feels better today but still not 100%. He feels that I made it full of ouch by hiking 14 miles with my head down watching the trail. He may be on to something there.

I just now realized I did the leg press with 90lbs! WOOO!

The ab circuit was me doing standard situps, then me holding a 30lb dumbbell straight up in the air while I did knee raises, then knee to ab crunches. Wow.

The medicine ball ab toss consisted of me doing a V sit while he tossed me the ball from the right, I twist to the left to tap it on the ground then twist back to toss it back to him ten times. Repeat on the left side. Repeat from the front. Ouch. On the very last set on the very last little bit I totally lost my V sit and he didn’t realize I’d put my hands down and he tossed the ball and it went “THUD!” right on my abs, man. It didn’t hurt. I laughed a lot. That means my abs are rockin’, is what I think.

Thursday will be upper body day to ensure my legs are not tired for the National Trail Trek on Saturday! You’ll be happy when I stop mentioning the National Trail Trek, I just know it.

Since this is a “watch how healthy Andrea is!” blog I’m gonna go ahead and document that I had to have a fun ultrasound this morning of my lady parts and I have a cyst on one ovary and a fresh new fibroid growing in my uterus. My uterus is determined to be a mom, my feelings on the subject be damned. So I have to go back in to have another ultrasound in four to six weeks to see how aggressive this fibroid is. None of this is really horrible news. It just explains why the past few months have felt really bad during that time, why nothing is regular, and prepare me for that to continue a bit. It just makes me want to tell women who have nice, normal, regular periods to not take them for granted and to stop acting like I’m some baby for having cramps. So, yeah. Consider yourself told if that’s you.

Then I worked all of the works and then I came home and Gladys did her best “OMG TAKE ME FOR A WALK!!!!” dance and cry around the house until I actually get the leash to put on her and she then looks like the most abused dog from the saddest of the Sarah McLachlan dog commercials. She acts this way until we close and lock the door and then blammo! Happy dog again. She’s a weirdo. I raised her. We’re not surprised here.

I will spend the evening rolling around on my foam roller and not at all feeling sad for myself that it’s some silly National Hug Day and I got nobody to hug me on a day that I could really just use a damned hug. Blah. That’s right. I said blah. I meant it.


2 thoughts on “what doesn’t kill me and all of that bullshit

  1. Hug your dog! I hug my dog. He always seems a bit confused by why my arms are around him and not stroking him but hes adjusted to it now. Knowing that if he lets me, he will get lots of stroking afterwards. That sounds like an awesome but tough workout. Go you!!!! 🙂

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