What a Pain in the Neck!

I noticed yesterday that my neck hurt. I’m not sure when that started or why but today it’s been so bad that it made me grumpy. The pain was really bad and my range of motion is severely limited and work was really busy and not everything worked the way it should and I wanted to deal with all of that by crying like a toddler. That’s how I get. So I did. I cried. Guess what? My neck still hurts.

On the hike Saturday Heather let me try some of her snack that she bought at Costco and it was so damned delicious that it didn’t matter how much my neck hurt, I went there after work and bought a bag of my own!

wpid-20150119_171345.jpg wpid-20150119_171744.jpg

These things taste like peanut brittle! But they have way, way less sugar than peanut brittle does. In fact, they have less ingredients that my Cliff bars seem to! And these are way more delicious. Hello there good trail snack!

Then I came home and walked Gladys because she wins. She looked at her leash, looked at me, then went and sat in front of the door and cried. How can I say no to that? I can’t. So, we compromised and we did a shorter walk. Because ouch.

Earlier today I saw another photo of myself from Saturday that doesn’t make me look like a fat fatty. I’m starting to think that in that other photo I was a slouching sloucher that slouches and in this one I’m a person with good posture who needs to just lose a few pounds but isn’t about to set her kitchen on fire so she can never eat again.

This girl isn't so bad. This girl is me.

This girl isn’t so bad. This girl is me.

So, other than the severe mystery pain in my neck and the frustrated tears of woe, today was ok. It’s not over, though. I have to make it all the way through. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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