Desert Dog

My hiking companion.

My hiking companion.

Since today was a nice, easy, four mile hike on a really easy trail I decided to take my girl Gladys for her very first hike to see if she’d enjoy it.

I share a lot of photos of her on Facebook so as people showed up and saw her they all proclaimed “GLADYS!” and gave her love and she gave them love in return. She’s really a very sweet dog.

Overall she did great. She didn’t get tired or act like a turd. My only complaint is that she zig zags as she walks and I was afraid she may trip someone. So I shortened her leash a bit and kept her closer to me. But she hiked well in a group as well as up and down hills and when there was space between us all. She just did really good and listened to me well. And? Most importantly? She didn’t get into any cactus! Which is more than about six of our group can say!

I didn’t start my app on this hike so there’s another short hike not being counted. Ah well.

The rest of the day will see me use my foam roller. I am planning to roll every day to limber and loosen up for the event on Saturday. I’ll go to the store, do some cooking, and be chill. A nice chill Sunday.

She's not much for posing yet. We'll get there.

She’s not much for posing yet. We’ll get there.


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