have faith in you

I kept healthy snacks at my office this week. But that didn’t matter because I was also in the presence of free Mexican food for two days and that makes me weak. But this is what my healthy snack looked like:

This is delicious. But it cannot fight the power that Mexican foods have over me.

This is delicious. But it cannot fight the power that Mexican foods have over me.

But I gymmed Tuesday and Thursday and walked Gladys Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I was active every damn day! Woo!

Tuesday gym:

Walking lunges 1/3 turf 1/3 turf 1/3 turf 1/3 turf 1/3 turf 1/3 turf
Jump squat / wall sit 10 10 30s 10 10 30s
Rope stuff 10 30 30
Decline reverse crunch 10 10 10
Side hip raises off bench 10 10 10
Bench hop ups 10 15 15
FM standing crunch 40×15 40×15 40×15

OK, so, the walking lunges, jump squats, and wall sits were done together. I’d walk lunge 1/3 of the turf field then do jump squats then walk lunge then jump squats then walk lunge to the end. Then I’d wall sit for 30 seconds and be groovy.

The rope stuff doesn’t mean I was a cowgirl roping stuff. It means the first set was rope slams, the second set was in and out, then the third set was waves. I kicked ass at the rope slams, by the way.

The side hop raises? HOLY SHIT. This was the first time I had to do them and they are hard and right now my hips still hurt from them. Damn.

I wasn’t laying on the ground, though. I was resting my arm on a bench and then my feet were on the ground and then I’d dip down then raise the hips and it was hard and damn. But I already said that.

Tuesday was an ass kicker. Lots of new stuff. But I did it!

This is Thursday’s gym stuff:

HS incline chest press 20×15 20×15 20×15
Bicep curls (straight bar) 30×15 30×12 30×12
Lat pull down behind the head 40×15 40×15
Tricep push downs (back rest) 30×15 30×15

This is NOT the entire Thursday list. The spreadsheet is NOT complete. OH, THE HUEMANATEE!

It was a lot of upper body work and while I was doing one of the things I could see the muscles in my arms working! Yay!

So, let’s see…in addition to what is there I also did the seated rows with about 40lbs, I guess.

And then I did this thing where I picked up a barbell in a manner that made my elbows higher than my shoulders. As I did this one my left wrist would move weird and I was all “Why am I doing that? That’s just weird!” and he was all “It’s likely just you being weird.” He gets it.

Then I did this other machine that worked my triceps and that may be it? I dunno. I thought he said I did 9 moves but that’s just 7 so who knows. Dumb incomplete spreadsheet. He was filling it in. I saw him doing it. It’s just not saving. That’s nerdy IT talk and I’m gonna stop now.

Tonight, after walking Gladys, I made pesto tilapia and it was delish.

Tomorrow? THIRTEEN MILE HIKE!!! My last training hike before next week’s big 15.5 mile one. The National Trail Trek! WOO! I also get to pick up my event package tomorrow. Fun times, fun times.


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