Like Sunday morning

This was in my inbox:

pump up

That makes me giggle a lot.

Today was a nice, easy, four mile hike around the Brown’s Ranch trailhead area. I didn’t even wear my pack. I took my “real” camera with me and took very few photos. It was a nice recovery hike from yesterday and just a pleasant way to start my day.

Then I came home and worked on recipes and lists and got bored and realized I have no desire to go out. But I did make a list and I will stop at the store on my way home from work tomorrow. For today I’ll be creative with what I have.

I did, however, make these egg muffin things so I can have a nicer breakfast than peanut butter & jam toast. Even though peanut butter & jam toast is damn tasty.

egg muffins

I like shredding my own cheese.

egg muffins-3

Chorizo! Not pictured, black beans.

egg muffins-2

egg muffins-4

I may have to eat one now just to see. I hope they are not stuck in the pan…

Chorizo, black bean, and cheese scrambled egg muffins. I shall top them with salsa. Boom. Breakfast, done.


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