Today I got up and got ready and head to South Mountain for my 10.5 mile hike. I felt super anxious about it for some reason. Maybe since it was my longest hike thus far? I dunno. But luckily the sky looked amazing so I stood alone looking at it and doing yoga breathing and that helped calm me down.


Cloudy sky sunrise.

Then off we went up the National Trail. And the first incline was so much easier this time than the last two times I went up it! I really really love seeing improvement. I cannot lie.

The hike itself was uneventful. We hauled ass for most of it. Then on the way down my body did a collective “OW, OUCH, WHY ARE YOU WALKING SO MUCH?!?!?!” My hips hurt and my right ankle hurt.

But after today I feel certain that I can complete the National Trail Trek that is happening in two weeks from today. I may be broken and full of ouch before I finish but I will finish!

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-10-12-44-51.png wpid-screenshot_2015-01-10-12-44-57.png wpid-screenshot_2015-01-10-12-45-01.png

Once I got home and finished my lunch I soaked for about 15ish minutes in a warn epsom salt bath. That, I believe, has made a world of difference. I now believe in the power of the salts!

After that I relaxed a wee bit with my wee dog and she made me so super happy by getting into my little front cubby area and being chill with me.

She's calming down a bit and being a bit more snuggly. Yay!

She’s calming down a bit and being a bit more snuggly. Yay!

I am now baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread because I clearly don’t care about losing weight even though I say I do. And then I will go through all of the recipes and suggestions my friends made and create a store list for tomorrow. With my budget being what it is at this moment I may not be getting too wild. I think I have more money at the next pay period. So, we’ll see! Adulthood, y’all. Amirite? Iamrite.


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