Maybe Sometime

I don’t even know what all has happened and what I need to jot down to be honest. This week has been so busy! I’m thinking just the gym last night. So here’s that:

TRX 2 way row 20 20 20
Med ball hip buster burpie 12×10 12×10 12×10
Turf jog HOT(2) HOT(2) LOT(2)
Weight stick push ups on stepper 10 10 10
V sit russian twists with stick 20 20 20
Jumps squats / turf run 5 / HOT(2) 5 / HOT(2) 5 / LOT(2)
Mini rope circuit 10,10s,10s 10,10s,10s 10,10s,10s
Walking lunges 1 LOT

Those walking lunges? Yeah. I counted as I did them and it was forty. I did forty lunges. Screamy thighs? Yes, yes indeed.

Also, my abs were very sore from the work on Tuesday but I did the V Sit Russian Twists with a Stick. Sounds like a vodka drink, no? NO! It was me in a V sit acting like I was rowing a damn boat. No booze involved. Bah!

I entered the gym frustrated and feeling like shit and then I left the gym feeling pumped up and good. Seriously. I’m that guy now. You’re welcome.

Today I quizzed my people about food they enjoy and they linked me to recipes and whatnots and I shall spend tomorrow evening going through it all, making lists, and getting ready to hit the grocery store on Sunday. It’s time I shake shit up around here in regards to the food.

I also ordered a foam roller today. I’m gonna bring the pain. To my own person. Seems legit.

I will leave you with my new jam. I saw that NPR posted this earlier during one of my very few visits to Facebook today and I love it. Like, a whole lot.


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