This week is back to the regular schedule of life. Working 7 – 4 Monday through Friday, working out with Tyler on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hiking Saturday and Sunday. Whew. Routine. Schedule. I’m for it!

Monday I received word that we were approved for our permit and we all called one another and acted all giddy. Jeff got the campsite for the night before and the shuttle reserved and we all put in our vacation times and YAY!!! Dates to look at and count down to. We’re pretty stoked.

Also on Monday I received a dress in the mail that I’d been excited about. Until I put it on. It is very pretty. But it is not an Andrea dress. So I sent it back today. That’s part of me being healthy and shit. Not keeping dresses that I know I will not be happy and twirly in. No matter how colorful and dotty they are.

Party dots! So bright. So pretty. So not Andrea despite all of that.

Party dots! So bright. So pretty. So not Andrea despite all of that.

Tuesday I went in to the gym and did my five minutes on the stair master then my shoulder warm ups then five more minutes on the treadmill. And? I went almost straight to the highest incline on the treadmill! I used to have to build up to that. So, that’s exciting improvement.

Then Tyler and I got started and we did this:

FM hack squat 80×15 80×15 80×15
Box jumps BL1x10 BL1x10 BL1x10
Sled push (blue) HOT(2) 45xHOT(2) 45xHOT(2)
Elevated squats alternating 20 20 20
SB hamstring curls 15 15 15
SB crunch 3×20 3×20 3×20
Bosu ball crunch 15 15 15
Bosu ball cross crunch 10 10 10

The first sled push was without any weight on it and I kinda went much faster than I did the very first time I had to push the sled without any weight on it. I’m really starting to see improvements here and there like that. Then he put the 45lb weight on there and I slowed down a bit but not a whole lot. But I did get winded and dizzy. And then he was all “Do you have exercise induced asthma?” and I was all “IS THAT REALLY A THING?!?!” because people I hike with said I may have it and I thought they were just being nice to my out of shape ass as I huff and puff my way up mountains.

So, the SB hamstring curls were me balancing my feet on the swiss ball then elevating my body and then doing hamstring curls. That was a lot of work. I giggled A LOT on the first set. But then kicked ass on the second and third.

When I started doing the cross crunches on the bosu ball he said “Look at that balance!” and I was all “I know!” I no longer look like a panda bear. I look like a person doing crunches on a bosu ball.

When this session was over and he gave me the high five, I actually felt like I’d earned it. Yay!

On my way home from the session Wendy called and asked if I wanted to Taco Tuesday. We all know I did, so I did. And I tacoed. And I’m not even sorry.

This evening I didn’t have any errands to run after work so I got home and felt like I had so much free time so I looked around and got rid of a few more things for the 1,000 Things Challenge.

I’d been keeping these glass jars as containers to put stuff in. I’ve not put stuff in them. Instead they are sitting there collecting dust and making me look like a lady that hoards glass jars. So, I put FIVE glass jars in the recycling bin. It was a nice idea, but I’m just never going to use them. I have a few I am using and that’s fine.

I look like an antique condiment store.

I look like an antique condiment store.

Then I have TWO cans of Double Noodle soup I am never ever going to eat because I do not like Double Noodle soup and therefore I will donate these. I know. I’m a giver. Where’s my humanitarian award?

Double the noodle is not double the yum.

Double the noodle is not double the yum.

Lastly I determined that my frugal ways were leading to me looking like a lady that just can’t throw shit away. So I finally got rid of the two hand soap bottles that I can no longer squeeze soap out of that were by my kitchen sink. I have replaced them with one full one. Like a reasonable person.

I just know I could get, like, five more hand washes out of these things if I just tried hard enough.

I just know I could get, like, five more hand washes out of these things if I just tried hard enough.

That brings my total of things I’ve gotten rid of to TWENTY FOUR. I’m on a roll, y’all.

Also, I was spontaneously invited to go out and meet someone for a drink just now and I searched my feelings and determined that was not what I wanted to do so I used my voice and said “No thank you! Maybe next time.” I like how things are going thus far in 2015.


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. You’re doing such a good job tossing stuff! I try to do this all year long and am usually inspired by the prospect of a garage sale. Right now I am a hoarder of girl baby clothes and things the girl baby has outgrown waiting to see if Caroline is having a girl or not. JUNE IS FAR AWAY.

    • June is not, really, that far away. And once you know if she’s having a girl or not you can either pass it all on to her or then make the decision to donate or have a yard sale!

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