End of the Year

This is going to be a photo post, mostly. Mostly. I should have gymmed last night but I felt like ass and Tyler took one look at me and made me go home. So I went to the store and bought sick people food.

This year started with me still being on my couch a lot. I got a puppy the second day of the year and that helped a lot. She got me started. She really did. The dog shaped hole in my heart was full and I started feeling better.

But then I set a goal. A goal to hike the Grand Canyon. All because I offered to be the car person for a girl that was wanting to do a rim to rim. Thanks to that one random moment where she replied “Wouldn’t you rather hike it?” I am now on my way to doing just that.

I am really super happy and so, so lucky that I found such a great hiking group on Meetup on my very first outing. I really am. I really enjoy them and I feel that I am making friends and I’m getting out and being alive.

Now here I am after hiking around 145 miles since late in August feeling good. I’m a happy girl.

sick people food

Sick people foods!

sick people food-2

sick people food-3

Homegoods is my new favorite place. Bone china mug from the UK for $5! With adorable owls. Come on!

sick people food-4

NYE breakfast beverage. Straight orange juice. In an appropriately themed bar glass.

My New Year’s Eve:


Catching up on Middle Earth.


Christmas cactus is so festive!


Future festivities!


My date for the evening. I’d let her eat an entire wheel of cheese.


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