So I gymmed on Monday and Tuesday this week because I wanted to ensure I got both workouts in before the holiday and all of that. Stay on schedule, etc. and so forth.

Monday my legs were still super tired and sore from the hike on Sunday so we did upper body:

HS lay pull down 70×12 70×12 70×12
BM incline chest press 40×12 40×12 40×12
Tricep cable rope pull downs 40×15 40×15 40×15
Straight bar bicep curls 30×10 30×10 30×10
Low cable pulley row 60×12 50×12 50×12
HS ISO chest press 20×10 20×10 20×10
Supermans with weight for shoulders 3×15 3×15 3×15

I graduated up in weight quite a damn bit! And at one point I said “Dude, this is all very hard and I’m not doing very well” and he shushed me and told me that he would not be doing his job if everything he had me do was easy. He’s right all of the time, you guys. It’s annoying.

At one point he had me over in bro corner. Dudes all bench pressing and tough talking each other and grunting and stuff and then there was me and I was all “Why do you have me in bro corner?!?!”

After my time in bro corner he made me do the supermans with weight to help stretch my shoulders and I told him I hate doing the supermans because it looks dumb and weird and he said he could make me do all sorts of weird looking things and I wouldn’t know if it was a real move or not and then I shut up and did the supermans.

Seriously. This is so dumb. I’m sorry, people that enjoy the superman extension. I hate it. I feel dumb and like a turtle that is upside down and just trying to figure shit out.

Then I went in on Tuesday and we did legs but that is not on the spreadsheet and I cannot for the life of me remember what we did!

Oh, wait, I just remembered. I don’t know the names of the stuff so have fun figuring shit out with my descriptions!

First he had me put one leg in the TRX row strap thingy and do lunges! With one leg elevated in a rope! And I did it without falling down! But I did hurt my feet because I was trying to put all of my weight on the one foot that was on the ground and make it one with the floor.

Seriously. I’m still alive and my hips were not ripped out of the sockets. I’m clearly not the same Andrea I once was.

Then I had to do side jumps over this thing. For thirty seconds I just jumped to and fro, sideways. It made me giggle.

After three sets of each of those I had to step up on a big step that looks like the step that elephants use in the circus but square. I put one foot on it, then I’d step up, then step down, the foot standing on the step would then pivot back and I’d do a lunge. Repeat on that side ten times then repeat on the other leg ten times. And that is when my legs started to hurt real bad.

Also while doing that thing I was doing jump ups onto a lower step and squatting and jumping up again.

I don’t squat while on the step nor do I pray at any point. Maybe I should. “Please God, please don’t make me do these jump squats.”

So all of this stepping and jumping made my knee hurt. So guess what? Foam roller, that’s right. I had to foam roller my legs and then he made me do the elephant stand steps again to see if that worked, and it did, so he gave me the stern “you should buy yourself a foam roller for Christmas, young lady” talk.

So, I guess I figured out what all I did after all! Go me!

The rest of this week has been super relaxing and nice and Christmas was lovely. Then I woke up today and I was suddenly in an arctic zone instead of Arizona. It was seriously cold. And I had a hike scheduled! So I bundled up:

Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect.

Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect.

And then up the trail I went. It was a very steep trail right from the start and the air was very, very cold and I could NOT breathe and I was NOT happy and I did, in fact, freak myself right on out and I stopped and watched the others walk away and then I yelled “NO! YOU GO ON WITHOUT ME, I’M FINE!” because I did not want to say “I CAN’T BREATHE AND I’M A BIT WIGGED OUT ABOUT IT ALL!” Plus, the wigging out over not being able to breathe made me then wig out about having to come back down the steep trail that had really small pebbley like rocks that I hate because they are where one would fall if one is going to fall and it was all bad.

Another girl turned around before the top for the same pebbley rock reason and told me not to be embarrassed, that I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. So, there you go.

There’s a hike tomorrow and Sunday but the weather is still supposed to be cold so we shall see. We shall see.

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday season and thank you for taking time out of your lives to read my words.


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