Gymming and Hiking

I gymmed on Tuesday. I remember nothing about it. Let’s go to the chart:

Rope slams, in & out, alt up down 10,20,20 10,20,20 10,20,20
Big med ball wall toss 14×15 14×15 14×15
Squat hops (no stepper) 20 20 20
Slider lunges 10 10 10
FM standing crunch 30×20 30×20 30×20
Flutter kicks 50 50 50
Back extensions 20 20 20
Back extensions shoulder clockwork 3×5/5 3×5/5 3×5/5

All I have to say about Tuesday is that the slider lunges were not as hard as I thought they would be and the flutter kicks? I did each set all at once. When he was telling me what to do and how to do it he said “And I want you to do a total of 50” and we both basically assumed I’d have to take a break. Well eff that, y’all. I did 50 flutter kicks with no break three times. Boom!

I also gymmed Thursday. This is what that looked like:

Walking lunges 20 20 20
Shoulder press 30×10 30×15 30×20
Push ups 10 15 20
Leg lifts (Holding bar in hands) 30×10 30×15 30×20
Squats 30×10 30×15 30×20
Walking lunges 20 20 20
Stairmaster intervals

To start off he walked me over to the barbells and handed me a 30 and said “Do a shoulder press.” I did a shoulder press. He asked “how did that feel?” and I said “Fine.” and he said “Excellent! Let’s go, follow me!”

I followed him over to the turf field area and he said “First you’re going to do walking lunges with this resting on your shoulders. Then you’ll do shoulder presses. Then I want you to use it to do pushups. After that? Roll over and do leg lifts. Then stand up then do squats.”

My response? “Have I angered you in some way?”

Seriously. He, like, stepped this shit up. But I did it. I was slow and messy but I did it. And I felt super legit doing squats with a 30lb barbell resting on my shoulders. Like, totally legit. I’m a weightlifter or something!

But, the fact that I do not stretch really hindered me. I had severe pain in my arms if I tried to do the walking lunges with the barbell up there. Like, I’m going to pass out because my arms hurt so bad type pain. So he took that away and I just did walking lunges. SIX SETS! Whew.

As I left he gave me a Christmas card that he wrote a really nice note in and then finished it with:

It's his Christmas wish!

It’s his Christmas wish!

So, I think he really really really wants me to stretch. I’ll see what I can do.

Friday I went out and had fun and therefore my alarm was not appropriately set for my Saturday hike and I missed it. And then I proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing the entire day. It was glorious.

Today I got up, as I should, and did two hikes for a total of eight miles. I did not use the Map My Walk app so I don’t have a nice record of the length, time, elevation, etc. But this qualified as training for the National Trail Trek so there is that.

And now we are all caught up. I have nothing profound to add.


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