Rainy Days

Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm and rain. So, I made the decision to not hike. Even though the radar and forecasts said it should clear out and be dry by the time the hike was scheduled to begin. But I decided to just stay home and take care of things I need to take care of and not be hiking on soggy desert trails. I stand by my decision but maaaaaan, when I saw some of the photos they took on the hike I was sorry. But! I got a lot done around the house and that is important and was needed. So it’s all good.

I went out for a few drinks Saturday night and to a Holiday Party. I, also, did that Friday night. Party time, y’all!

Saturday I had two drinks and got to bed around midnight thirty and my alarm was set for 5:15am. I damn near decided to stay home Sunday, too, but then I told myself “NO! You did not hike yesterday, you are in training for a 15.5 mile hike, you get your ass out there and do it! HIKE!” So I did.Not just one of the hikes but BOTH we had scheduled that morning.

And? I’m so happy I did because I got to see a meteor from the Geminid Meteor Shower! I was driving to the trailhead and it was all dark but the light from the Sun was just starting to sneak into the sky so you could see silhouettes of the mountains and the saguaros and it was beautiful and fantastic. Then, suddenly, there it was! A bright streak across the sky right in my line of sight! And as quickly as I saw it, it was gone. It was really very amazing.

The first hike was a very easy 4 mile walk in the desert around Cone Mountain. It was cold so we were all walking fairly quickly and we were going to finish the hike in about an hour! so Sabrina decided to add a wee bit to it. That was some incline and that was nice. Get the heart rate elevated a bit before the second hike.

The people that weren’t going on the second hike left, some people that only wanted do do the second hike arrived, and off we went back on the trail heading to Brown’s Mountain Summit!



I was second in line on the trail right beside/behind Sabrina. She was going at a good pace and I, somehow, managed to keep up with her. And the trail to get to the Summit trailhead is a nice, steady incline. And she took no breaks. We walked and walked and walked until we got to the Summit trailhead. And I was all heavy breathing but I stayed right with her pace and a few people said “Good job, Andrea!” I won’t lie, I like that.

They mean the words that they say!

They mean the words that they say!

A few people took a one minute break and then off they went up the summit trail. I waited until my breathing was normal again and then off I went. Kristen said “I’m gonna go with Andrea!” I think that was her way of being a nonchalant source of support. I really, really like this group of people.

So, off I went. And I was scared but, overall, I just went up the trail and that was that. I wasn’t as slow as before when I did this but I wasn’t as fast as the others, naturally. But I’m pleased with how I did, really.

I got to the top and I was smiling like a cheeser and just happy and kinda had my own private basking in it all. I took some photos, including my usual selfie.

At the top! Alive! Not thinking about the trip down yet!

At the top! Alive! Not thinking about the trip down yet!

I will not lie. I can actually feel vertigo begin just by looking at that photo. Because I know the height and all of it. That’s my relationship with heights, OK? OK.

Then we had to go down. And I went last. But Kristen, Cindy, and John all went with me. Cindy went ahead to offer a hand if I needed it. Kristen and John were behind me. They countered all of my negative talk with positive talk. Kristen asked me how my trip home for Thanksgiving was and that distracted me pretty well for a bit and I was able to just go down the trail. Then John came down and got in front of me to show me a better way to walk down a steep hill. Wide stance, small steps. And I did it and it did help. He told me to not revert back to my old ways, to keep my mind focused on doing wide stance, small steps. I hope I can do that.

When we came off of the summit the people already at the bottom applauded but then told me they’re not going to do that every time. I don’t blame them. ha!

Then off we went on the trail that goes around Brown’s Mountain. It was a lot of down. And part of the down was still quite wet and muddy and we all added about five pounds to our shoes while trudging through that area so our legs got an extra workout thanks to mud. Mine seemed particularly thick and caked on and they were laughing at me and I was being oh so prissy and not enjoying the mud. I guess I’m prissy. That girl in college was right. Bitch.

Then Jodie was all “Do you ever, on the trail, stop and think “Did I forget deodorant today?”” And I was all “It doesn’t matter if I remember it or not. I stink after a hike, y’all.” But I thought I was only talking to her. The entire group heard and the entire group laughed and now I’m the stinky kid.

Sabrina turned my shame into a meme.

Sabrina turned my shame into a meme.

Overall we hiked around 8 miles on Sunday. Which is pretty darn good. My phone battery died so my Map My Walk stats are all wrong. I hate that. But, you know, shit happens.

I came home from the hiking and showered (due to all of the stink), then I commenced to making a big pot of chili and two batches of fudge before Wendy and I went to see “Wild.”

When I first decided to hike the Grand Canyon, Laura and Wendy both told me that I should read that book. And I did. I’ve tucked it all deep inside, I think. I didn’t see myself in it. She was a huge mess, after all. But watching the movie kinda pulled it all back out and it was all I could do to just not sit there crying through the whole thing. The scenes of her just being alone in her environment were the scenes that hit me the hardest. It was an excellent adaptation of the book and I’m glad I got to see it with Wendy.

My hiking is just really good for me. The things I am accomplishing is good for me. I’m proud of my progress at the gym for sure, yes. But it’s the hikes that I’m the proudest of. The hikes that give me the most peace and happy feelings. I’m on the right path.


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