Back on the Horse

And by horse I don’t mean drugs or whatever that meant in the ’80s. No way.

The property management company at my office building does an appreciation breakfast a few times a year, one being for the holidays. Which meant on Thursday I had a nice breakfast.

I use omelets as a salsa plate.

I use omelets as a salsa plate.

I went to the gym on Thursday because I just couldn’t allow myself to skip the whole week. But I still felt very very crampy. I managed to do everything he asked me to do except the burpees. I totally refused to do them and I said “I don’t usually really argue with you…” and he said, “OK, I know…no burpees.” I just couldn’t. Not with the cramps, man. He also said “How do you feel about abs?” and I said “Not favorably today.”

But we did manage to get me through this:

DB walking lunges, 2 jumps up 10×10 10×10 10×10
FM cable cross back flys 15×10 15×10 15×10
FM cable cross chest flys 25×10 25×10 25×10
DB stationary lunge with shoulder press / lateral raises 10×5/5(2) 10×5/5(2) 10×5/5(2)
Squat step hops 10 10 10
Single side step ups 10 10 10
Rope slams, in & out, alt up down 10,10,20 10,10,20 10,10,20

The flys were hard and it took a lot to even get me to do the motion right. He said “it’s like a hug, but low!” and was all “you know how to hug people!” and I was all “Dude, I don’t hug people down low! That’s inappropriate!” But I finally got it once I realized it was more like a Hulk Hogan move.

You wanna be a hulkamaniac, too.

The single side step ups were kinda like Rockettes kicks

I wasn’t this jolly.

So, I’d keep one foot on the step and step up with Rocketteing my other leg and it felt so very dancey that I threw in some jazz hand motions. Because why not?

The first set of rope slams I did felt weird. And I said “that just felt really weird…” and Tyler said “Well, yeah, it looked weird, too.” So he showed me how I should do them and then they felt less weird. He indicated they also looked less weird. Goodness.

This morning I should have hiked but it was raining. So I took the opportunity to sleep in and take care of other things. One of which was dividing my Holiday Bonus into thirds and being responsible with it! One third finished funding my emergency fund with the balance going into my HSA, one third went to a bill to pay it down, and then one third is all for me so I don’t feel like I never get to do anything for myself while I get my shit together. I also paid off one wee bill today. So I’m feeling good there.

Tomorrow will be a hike. And I will hike. Because that’s what you do. You get back on the horse.


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