Why you buggin’?

On Monday when I was balancing on the bosu ball, Tyler was implying that sooner or later I’d be jumping up and down on that thing. And I introduced him to what my friend Randi likes to call “Andrea’s Worst Case Scenarios.” I was all “No way, dude. I’ll get bouncing on that thing and I’ll fall and bounce off the ground and hit my head way over there on that TRX steel monster and break my brain. And my brain is my best asset. It’s where my sarcasm lives.” This man deserves a raise.

Tuesday my brand new awesome classic Star Wars t-shirt arrived so I promptly washed it so I could wear it to the gym on Wednesday.

I'm the coolest at the gym. No denying that. Just look at me.

I’m the coolest at the gym. No denying that. Just look at me.

And in case you forgot, yes I am still pretty pleased about the changes in my butt!

Back that thang up, me!

Back that thang up, me!

I told him how bad my legs hurt and this time he listened and let me do upper body! It was an almost Christmas miracle!

Rope front alt wave Warm up
DB SB single arm chest press 15×10 15×12 15×12
SB crunch 15 15 15
Assisted pull ups (knees) 8×10 8×10 9×10
LF mach ab crunch 50×15 50×15 50×15
BM incline chest press 20×10 20×10 20×10
Back extensions 15 15 15
Low cable front shoulder raise 10×10 10×10 10×10
stairmill 1 10 minutes

So, let me back (that thang) up. I was scheduled to go in at 6:30 but his 5:00 cancelled so he asked me if I could be there then. I said I would try my best but I’d have to run home to change since I didn’t have my gym clothes with me due to 6:30. So, I got home at 4:40, got back on the road by 4:47, and by 5:02 I was in front of the gym! But traffic was an asshole and I didn’t get into the parking lot and into the gym until 5:10! So the normal warm up did not happen. He had me do dumb shit with the ropes. I hate the ropes. He knows this. But he’s the boss and so I did rope shit.

Then I did single arm chest presses on the Swiss ball. Which was fine and good. As were the crunches.

Then I did assisted pull ups. But only after I bragged that I was able to pull myself up about an inch or so without any assistance while I was in WV. Watch me be strong, y’all. And he humored me and told me that was good. Seriously. He’s very nice.

Then the rest is there in the table and I don’t really need to recap it, yeah? It is what it is.

Since we didn’t start until 5:10 and his next client showed at 6, he made me do the stairmill for 10 minutes to get a full hour in. And I did it! But only after I went to my car to get my phone and earbuds. I wanted to listen to some classic Run DMC.

So I go to turn up the volume and my phone tells me it’s bad for my ears. Don’t be my Mom, phone. I have a Mom. Just let me jam. Word.

And then I left the gym. Sweaty, hot, and tired. Which, really, is how you should leave the gym. So, go me!

This evening I have installed Christmas in my house and I have Christmas music playing on the Pandora station on my Roku and I am trying to convince my young terrierist that Christmas does not belong in her mouth. Wish me luck.


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