Leg day fun day

I’m supposed to be at a book talk and signing tonight with Cary Elwes but it was postponed. Because of this event I asked for the schedule to be rearranged. That means Tyler rearranges almost everyone. I’m a lot of trouble. And then? Postponed. Dang.

So, I gymmed last night. After more than a week off which included Thanksgiving, laziness, travel, and lots of good foods.

I arrived at the gym in a great mood because vacation and me are besties and I felt good. I told him I felt really good, gave him the update on the trip and what I did or did not do, which included two different nights of me actually stretching! and I said “But, you know, I feel fine right now. But after a week off I suspect that once you get me going I’m gonna feel like I’m dying.” This made him smile. Mean! He’s so mean. But not really.

So, here’s what we did:

Warm up with 5 minutes on the stairmill and then the usual shoulder warm up.

KB walking pass lunges, 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10. This was basically me doing lunges while holding a medicine ball and then a kettle bell once it was free. I’d lunge then pass the bell through my legs to the next arm. Rinse repeat. Six times!

KB 2 hand swing, 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10 18×10. Yup. Then I’d squat and swing the kettle bell up to about chest height then back down. I had to use my hips not my lower back. I think I did it right. The first two sets were still with the medicine ball and instead of doing the hand swing I had to hold the ball over my head and then squat with it. That was not an easy maneuver. I don’t squat properly. I still lean forward far too much.

FM lift front elevated pulse lunge, 20×15 20×15 20×15. When I squat he tells me that my foot needs to be straight. It is never straight. So I proposed that maybe my feet like to point out. Like a duck. And then pretended he was making me feel bad about my duck feet. I may have even fake cried. This got a laugh. I’m funny. But I did these and damn but they burned the legs, man.

Hamstring curls, 40×12 40×12 40×12. I continue to hate these. But while I did these he watched and said “Huh. Your toes do like to point out. Huh.” So I was right. I’m a duck. Quack.

Bosu ball squat (blue), 6 6 6. I have no idea what (blue) means since I’m pretty sure all of the bosu balls are blue. Heh! Blue balls. But I do know that I had to stand on it and then squat. This was awesome for balance and core work. And for making me sweat with fear. I got better on each set, though. Woo!

Bosu ball plank (blue / elbows), 30s 45s 50s. The s = seconds. This made me shake. And on the second one my arms started sliding off the ball due to the fear sweat. Which I explained to him was better than flop sweat. And then he got me paper towels to dry my arms and then I put them on the ball for the third set and giggled because it reminded me of a nice, elderly Southern lady in church with tissues in her bra. I’m odd with my associations. It’s fine.

All of this got me a Good job! and a high five so there’s that.

Today my legs are a bit sore as are my arms. But not like when I first started. And progress is progress! YAY!!

This week has involved scheduling more training hikes for the National Trail Trek and warning everyone that I am slow up the hills. And? I ordered trekking poles! And they are purple and glorious!

These will surely make me much more legit on the trails.

These will surely make me much more legit on the trails.

I love them. I think they were a really good purchase. I’ll get to test them out on Saturday. Training will begin in earnest then. EeEEEEeeeeEEEeeee!!!!!


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