Oh the West Virginia Hills

I went home for Thanksgiving to be with my family for the week and a grand time was had by all. And by grand I mean lazy. I wore my FitBit every day I was there and there was one day that I literally walked LESS than one whole mile. Goodness gracious.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it was a higher number but nothing that made me cry or swear off food for the rest of forever which usually only means that day or until I get super hungry.

I don’t love how I look in some of the photos. I feel I look thick. But! I’m kinda thinking that part of that is just that I’m creating muscle a bit and I’m not just loosey goosey. But who knows.

I did do one hike. It was a bit over three miles but I don’t have any of the stats because my phone recently updated and Map My Walk and my location services are not yet playing nice with one another. I’ll have to sort that out now that I’m home.

The hike was the Long Point Trail at the New River Gorge Bridge National Park. It was a really nice trail with some elevation changes but nothing really daunting. It was wet and muddy in places but overall it was an easy trail.

thankgsgiving vacation-5

thankgsgiving vacation-6

thankgsgiving vacation-8

thankgsgiving vacation-10

thankgsgiving vacation-12

My fear of heights kinda kicked in while I was sitting there taking in the sights. Which I kinda hate. I sat there as long as I could but the anxiety kept building so I just had to go sit a bit higher up on the rock area. I could see myself falling off without even trying to see that. Later that night as I went to sleep I kept seeing that, too. I may not ever get rid of that fear but dammit I’m not letting it stop me from going to these places!

I also walked the dogs with my parents three times but that was only about half a mile each time. Which doesn’t count and isn’t worth mentioning.

While I was traveling home on Saturday my friend, Randi, signed me up for the National Trail Trek! A group of the people I hike with on the weekends are doing it, too, and they’re already putting together training hikes for us. I hope I can do this. I want to do this and I want to finish and not hinder others. So, that’s what I’ll be working toward for the next six weeks!! Eeeeep!


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