I don’t really have too much to day about the gym yesterday but I don’t want to get behind while I’m on Thanksgiving holiday!

Warm up
Lunge lunge jump squat 1 LOT LOT LOT
TRX wide rows 10 10 10
Med ball slams 20×10 20×10 20×10
Rope inner circles 20 20 20
Rope jumping jacks 15 15 15
Bosu ball weighted crunch 5×20 5×20 5×20
Bosu ball weight hold single leg lift 5×10 5×10 5×20

I told him my legs hurt deep down inside and felt super tired after just five minutes on the stairmaster thing. So he made me do lunges and jump squats. He might be the devil.

The medicine ball slams was done with a 20lb ball. I usually use a 10lb ball. So, progress there!

The rope inner circles and rope jumping jacks were dumb. I hated them.

The bosu ball crunches burned my abs, made me feel like they were on fire. But I can see improvement in how I crunch and stuff. Crunchy.

And that was the gym! And now I’m going on Thanksgiving holiday and I’m taking some class with my sister and we’ll hike a few times and that will all be great.

Enjoy your holiday and have safe travels!


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