Today was gym day!

Warm up
Leg press 4 90×15 140×12 140×15 140×15
Calf raises on leg press 4 90×15 140×12 140×15 140×15
Old school shoulder press 3 5×10 5×10 5×10
Back extensions 3 15 15 15
Lat pull down 50×10 50×10 50×10
DB bicep curls 12×10 12×10 12×10
DB overhead tri ext (1) 12×10 12×10 12×10
Foam roller

That’s all fairly damn self explanatory. I feel really very good about my leg presses and calf raises. My back extensions are super good now and he said I may have to start using a harder machine for those.

He made me roll around on the foam roller but that wasn’t hitting the one spot that I needed it to hit so he stretched me out again himself. At one point he had me pretzeled into this one position that really made me miss my last boyfriend. And after it was all over I felt a whole lot like aahhh and a little bit like oww. But right now, sitting here, I feel mostly like aaaah. Yay!

Then I got in my car to drive home and cried a lot for some reason. I haven’t cried in a while so I guess maybe it was time. Who knows. I just know that I cried.

Then I got home and did my budget. I’m not crying. But I am wondering how I’m going to enjoy a week at home with my family with only 145.83 when I have to pay for a 200 dollar family portrait session. I guess that’s what emergency funds are for, right? Goddamit.

But! The bright side is I have the emergency fund and things work out and I’m not gonna be dramatic over it. Money is dumb.

My weight is also dumb. But I’m getting stronger. And I’m enjoying my hikes and everything is good. And I have my time at the gym with my trainer to thank for that so I’m not removing that goodness from my budget. The end.


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