Sunday Hike

Today I woke up nice and early for my 6:30am hike. The temperature was a good, cold 54 degrees and there was a nice, brisk wind to make it even colder.

I wore my big pack like my trainer suggested and that was a good call. A lot of people asked me why I was wearing a big bag, however. But I’d explain and that was that.

The sunrise was gorgeous, of course.

And then because the sunrise so was pretty I look like a Simpson version of myself:

Simpsonized by the Sunrise

While we were at that spot taking our group photo and taking a midpoint break one of the guys asked me if I was going to do the National Trail Trek, a 15.5 mile hike in Phoenix in January. At first my answer was no. But then I talked to some other people and my answer became YES! So, there’s that.

Today was a nice, easy 4 mile hike. I guess I took it easy this weekend. Even if my upper right hip/haunch area doesn’t feel like it. It feels all knotted up and owwy. I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO STRETCH. Gawd.


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