King of the Hikes!

Today I hiked the Hieroglyphics Trail in the Superstition Wilderness. I knew this would be a shorter hike and would be more like a touristy hike. But I had no idea that I would be one of the “more advanced” hikers there. That should tell you how the hike went.

We stopped a lot on the way up to let people catch up. Which, it was an incline but it was a very nice, gradual incline. The hike was an elevation gain of 550ft over a nice, steady, gradual incline. It allowed me to take lots of pictures so I’m not going to complain too much.

Our destination was the petroglyphs and that part did not disappoint. They were abundant and easy to get to and see. Yay petroglyphs!

I fiddle farted around and took pictures and then sat in the shade and enjoyed the cool breeze and really felt like it should be time for us to start heading back down. But then? Four more members of our group finally made it to the top!!! I’m not even kidding. I’m kinda shocked. I’m trying to be nice and understanding because of how out of shape I was just earlier this year but that really seemed bad to me. But then? One of them? Sat down to catch her breath and lit a cigarette. YES, REALLY!!!!


So, me and two other girls had enough of that and made our way back down. We didn’t stop or take breaks because we didn’t need to. It was a mile and a half down a nice, easy hill. We did stop to let the parade of horses pass. That was nice.

I will say this: I do believe that hiking in the Superstition Wilderness areas is my favorite. It’s beautiful out there. More rugged and wild feeling. I dig it. I’d like for my favorite hiking group to start hiking out there. Change your plans to suit me, world!

That was a joke.


But that was today’s hike. A nice, leisurely, touristy type hike in an absolutely beautiful location.


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