Up and Down and Back Again

This will be the recap of this week’s gymming!

Here is Tuesday:

Squat hops no stepper 20 20 20
Step ups quick touch (RL-1) 10 10 10
Band 3 way shoulders 15 15 15
Assisted pull ups with band 6 6 6
Foam roll
Arc trainer 3 min Got Dizzy

Everything was fine and good until he wanted me to do the assisted pull ups with a band. What this meant was I had to put my foot in a band that was wrapped around part of the steel frame of the pull up thing, step down, then hang by my arms and try to pull myself up. Which I could for a few inches and then he’d have to grab me by my sides and help me up. He claimed to be pleased with how well I did. I claimed to believe him.

Then he made me use the foam roller and I told him today that the foam roller makes me want to punch someone in the junk. And I did a punch motion. I didn’t name names.

We finished off by me getting damn dizzy and having to stop after just THREE LAME ASSED MINUTES on the Arc trainer. I left the gym very pissed off and grrrr. He told me to settle down. I did not listen.

And now, this is today:

Sled push 3 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
Step up switches 3 20 20 20 20
Sled push 3 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
Wall sit 3 60s 60s 60s 60s
TRX hamstring curls 10 10 10
Bosu ball weighted crunch 5×20 5×20 5×20
Stretch out

I’m pretty impressed at how much faster I am pushing the sled to and fro! I’ll say that. I’m good with that. He has it listed twice. Because I pushed it up and down the entire turf field three times. So six times. SIX!

The step up switches were slow because after pushing the sled my legs felt like they were 100 lbs.

The wall sit was easier than I thought it would be. It was like chilling out, having a seat. Without a chair.

Then he made me do these TRX hamstring curls. Before I show you how boring they really are I will tell you that all I could picture as he was helping put my feet in the handles was a sex swing. And then he was all “Now lay down and put her hips up in the air!” and I giggled and acted inappropriate and finally had to tell him why and that poor guy.

So, now that you know that my feet were in stirrups and my hips were all up in the air, I’ll show you how boring it really is:

The bosu ball weighted crunches remain easy.

Then? He stretched me out. He didn’t just make me stretch. He got all involved. So of course I had to joke to face book that I couldn’t decide if I had worked out or just paid for sexy times. Because I’m twelve.

But I felt really good when I left and that’s a nice way to end the week.


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