A Stroll in the Desert

Sunday’s hike was much more leisurely with only 160ft total gain and 4 miles in length. However, at one point I was walking at a rate of 14:27 minutes a mile and the slowest was 23:31 minutes a mile. Not too shabby, really, for a leisure hike.

It was a new trail for me in the Brown’s Ranch area, which we go to frequently.

One of the dudes that was there may or may not have been someone i met up with for coffee from Tinder. I’m still undecided. Either way that clearly shows I wasn’t super interested in that person, right? Or it highlights that I’m an asshole. Either way, yeah?

On these leisure hikes I really do try to walk faster than usual since I’m not getting any incline work in and I think I did a grand job of it this time. At one point I was in the very front of the group walking with Sabrina, the leader. I’d fall behind a few times due to untied laces or stopping to take a photo. But then I’d catch up again and pass people. So I feel good about that. And I feel good that a 4 mile hike is now something I consider “a leisurely stroll in the desert.”

My hips and knees hurt a lot this weekend and it finally dawned on me that I worked those areas a lot with Tyler and d’uh! of course they are going to be sore and tired. I’m a goddamned genius sometimes.

I put on weight instead of lost. I just don’t even know anymore. Other than I eat a lot. Since I do. Especially the day of a hike like Saturday. So. Yeah. I guess I need to just accept that this is me forever.

 Relaxing Walk in the Desert Selfie


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