On Top of Things!

I went to the gym today AND I’m already writing about it?!?! I can’t even believe it. Especially with what a crazy ass week this has been. I should be curled up on my couch in the fetal position crying about the computer uprising but, instead, I’m all up and energized! Damn exercise! Making me happy!

I took my backpack as instructed and I had my sleeping bag in it. If my memory serves me my bag is 5 pounds and my sleeping bag is 3. So already we’re at 8 pounds.

Tyler set up a series of three steps at different heights. And then we got to work.

3 alt level elevated step squats 2 5/5(3)
3 alt level step quick feet steps 2 20(3)
3 alt level step hand walks 2 5(2)
Backpack work out
3 alt level step ups 1 5
3 alt level step up with lunge back 2 3 3(3) 3(3)
Stair Master with pack L5x4min L5x4min

The first three moves were without my bag. They were to just get me used to the ground not being all at the same height all of the time and get better at maneuvering it better. Or something. I did two sets of all of that. That all took 30 minutes! And I asked if I was too slow and he said “No, but I really want to make sure you get some pack work in and I have plans for that and we’re moving on!” So move on we did.

He put a 5lb and a 15lb weight in my bag and told me to strap it on. If our math is right I had 28lbs on my back!

Then I did step ups onto each step level and alternated my legs and kept my balance for one set.

For two sets I did the step ups with the lunge move and had to keep my balance. With 28lbs on my back. And I did it!

Then he put me and my pack without the weights, so 8lbs, on the stair master. This made me want to die because he made me do it without holding on to the handles for part of the time and then fear gripped me like a drunken frat boy. And then I was exhausted and wanted to give up. Because I’m trying to balance on a moving staircase. The trails don’t move like that. Balance is different on the trails. I know this is good for me but doing this thing makes me feel like I’ve not made any progress at all. Until he reminded me that when I first started I could barely go 30 seconds on the stair master and now I did two sets of 4. So, yeah. Progress.

And then I came home and ate dinner then took a photo for the challenge and since it is hike themed you get to see it, too.

Black and white and me being blurry in the background makes this artsy as hell.

Black and white and me being blurry in the background makes this artsy as hell.


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