Breaking Records!

Tuesday is gym day. I warmed up on the treadmill, did my shoulder warm ups, then met Tyler and we got right down to business!

Elevated step squats 10 10 10
Step up up down down 20 20 20
Front step switch ups 20 20 20
SB DB chest press 20×10 20×10 20×10
TRX row close grip 10 10 10
Med ball hip buster burpie 12×10 12×10 12×10
Bosu ball crunch 2 10 10
Bosu ball single leg lift 2 10 10

While I was doing the squats, steps, and switch ups we discussed our respective Halloweens and how they went and he was quite satisfied about my taking a break. He really felt it was necessary and was all “good!” about it.

The step squat rotation was a lot of work.

Then? I did the 20lb dumbbell chest presses on the swiss ball! He moved me up in weight. And he was very high fivey over how I did and that I was breaking my own records and how much progress I’ve made and that when I first started I didn’t even like to roll out on the swiss ball without doing anything other than that. Which is true. And now? Chest presses. Go me!

The TRX rows were easy, especially once I did the proper breathing. That made it feel like a piece of cake. And at one point the wife and kids of one of the regular dudes showed up and the daughter asked what everyone was doing and then I became part of his show and tell. So, I’m glad I wasn’t flailing about.

The medicine ball hip buster burpees made me want to yell and cuss. The first round I took a break after 6. After that? I pushed through and did all 10 in one good flowing set and he was all “YEAH!” and I was all “Yeah, you know. That’s how I do.” But not really.

We finished up with crunches and leg lifts on the bosu ball. Nothing exciting there, I don’t guess. Other than core work.

For some reason I felt dizzy and pukey a lot. Which was a pain in the ass and make me feel like a weak girly man person.

But Tyler was very positive about everything so I’ll take it. On Thursday he wants me to bring my backpack and he warned me that I’d have to use the foam roller. I told him to be prepared for murder eyes.

And then I came home and since I’d been at the gym and broke records and have been challenged to do a black and white photo for five days for reasons that only exist on the Internet, I came up with an idea that made me giggle on the drive home. And so this happened:

I'm swole and strong and shit! I'm being a bro in the mirror! All of that!

I’m swole and strong and shit! I’m being a bro in the mirror! All of that!

Not exactly what I had envisioned but it was all I had time for. So there.


One thought on “Breaking Records!

  1. Just caught up on your blog and I think you are doing great. Maybe not enough people are doing that because they are too busy teasing you about being swole and paleo but really? You are doing very well! Progress! Commitment! Movement!

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