Work and Rest

Prince is going to be on SNL tonight and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here or not but Prince is everything. So, I’m gonna be super quick with this update.

Wednesday I worked out with Tyler as scheduled. We did these things!

TRX squats 15 15 15
TRX split squatjumps 20 20 20
DB single leg RDL 10×10 10×10 10×10
Bosu ball DB chest press 15×10 15×10 15×10
Weight stick behind head shoulder press 15 15 15
Walking lunges with med ball twists 2 12×20 12×20
Med ball burpie 1 12×12
Foam roller

The TRX squats were way easy. I was going so low my butt touched the ground.
The TRX split squat jumps were a wee bit harder but not much.
The dumbbell single leg RDLs were fine.
The Bosu ball dumbbell chest press made me happy as any chest press does.
The weight stick behind the head shoulder press made me feel like I was going to bonk myself in the head and he said “Trust yourself!” and all I could think about is my taste in dudes and then I trusted myself less.
The walking lunges with the medicine ball twists was hard work. I had to focus on my balance and it made my brain as tired as my body.
The medicine ball burpees sucked because the medicine ball moved a wee bit each time and I hated that and I hate burpees and I kinda only half ass them and right now I’m not even sorry. Because of what I’m going to talk about next.

After all of this he had me use the foam roller.

If I wasn’t in a rush to get this done so I don’t miss Prince I’d PhotoShop Tyler’s face on this.

So this hurt. And Tyler seemed to take glee in showing off how he can roll all around on it and it doesn’t hurt as he bragged that it’s because he uses it regularly and stretches like he should. While I’m rolling on it I’m laughing to keep from crying because seriously this hurt. My right thigh was having some deep muscle pain so he saved that side for last. When I rolled over to that side and got into the right position THE PAIN WAS HORRIBLE and I looked up at Tyler with murder in my eyes. I couldn’t help it. And then that was that.

Thursday I was sore. But I went kayaking anyway. This was my first time with the kayaking and holy damn am I glad I’ve been working out because I honestly don’t know if I could have done it otherwise. It’s a lot of work. And I was wore the hell out when we were done. But it was fun. And I wasn’t overly sore Friday morning so it was all a big ol’ ball of win.

Friday was Halloween and I love Halloween. So, I dressed up in a costume and went out with some friends and had beer and dancing and fun and didn’t get home until 2ish and then today I have been hung over all of the times.

Tyler had told me to rest. I hope today counts as rest. I’ve been pantsless on the couch all day doing my very best at catching up on my Hulu queue. Tomorrow I shall hike. I should maybe not hike but I’m hiking anyway. Unless I wake up and feel tired still. We’ll see. I do love a nice hike, you know.

My eating is settling down again and I need to get some food prep going for the week and hit the store and wow there’s just not enough time in my days sometimes.


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