Oh the West Virginia Hills

I went home for Thanksgiving to be with my family for the week and a grand time was had by all. And by grand I mean lazy. I wore my FitBit every day I was there and there was one day that I literally walked LESS than one whole mile. Goodness gracious.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it was a higher number but nothing that made me cry or swear off food for the rest of forever which usually only means that day or until I get super hungry.

I don’t love how I look in some of the photos. I feel I look thick. But! I’m kinda thinking that part of that is just that I’m creating muscle a bit and I’m not just loosey goosey. But who knows.

I did do one hike. It was a bit over three miles but I don’t have any of the stats because my phone recently updated and Map My Walk and my location services are not yet playing nice with one another. I’ll have to sort that out now that I’m home.

The hike was the Long Point Trail at the New River Gorge Bridge National Park. It was a really nice trail with some elevation changes but nothing really daunting. It was wet and muddy in places but overall it was an easy trail.

thankgsgiving vacation-5

thankgsgiving vacation-6

thankgsgiving vacation-8

thankgsgiving vacation-10

thankgsgiving vacation-12

My fear of heights kinda kicked in while I was sitting there taking in the sights. Which I kinda hate. I sat there as long as I could but the anxiety kept building so I just had to go sit a bit higher up on the rock area. I could see myself falling off without even trying to see that. Later that night as I went to sleep I kept seeing that, too. I may not ever get rid of that fear but dammit I’m not letting it stop me from going to these places!

I also walked the dogs with my parents three times but that was only about half a mile each time. Which doesn’t count and isn’t worth mentioning.

While I was traveling home on Saturday my friend, Randi, signed me up for the National Trail Trek! A group of the people I hike with on the weekends are doing it, too, and they’re already putting together training hikes for us. I hope I can do this. I want to do this and I want to finish and not hinder others. So, that’s what I’ll be working toward for the next six weeks!! Eeeeep!



I don’t really have too much to day about the gym yesterday but I don’t want to get behind while I’m on Thanksgiving holiday!

Warm up
Lunge lunge jump squat 1 LOT LOT LOT
TRX wide rows 10 10 10
Med ball slams 20×10 20×10 20×10
Rope inner circles 20 20 20
Rope jumping jacks 15 15 15
Bosu ball weighted crunch 5×20 5×20 5×20
Bosu ball weight hold single leg lift 5×10 5×10 5×20

I told him my legs hurt deep down inside and felt super tired after just five minutes on the stairmaster thing. So he made me do lunges and jump squats. He might be the devil.

The medicine ball slams was done with a 20lb ball. I usually use a 10lb ball. So, progress there!

The rope inner circles and rope jumping jacks were dumb. I hated them.

The bosu ball crunches burned my abs, made me feel like they were on fire. But I can see improvement in how I crunch and stuff. Crunchy.

And that was the gym! And now I’m going on Thanksgiving holiday and I’m taking some class with my sister and we’ll hike a few times and that will all be great.

Enjoy your holiday and have safe travels!


Today was gym day!

Warm up
Leg press 4 90×15 140×12 140×15 140×15
Calf raises on leg press 4 90×15 140×12 140×15 140×15
Old school shoulder press 3 5×10 5×10 5×10
Back extensions 3 15 15 15
Lat pull down 50×10 50×10 50×10
DB bicep curls 12×10 12×10 12×10
DB overhead tri ext (1) 12×10 12×10 12×10
Foam roller

That’s all fairly damn self explanatory. I feel really very good about my leg presses and calf raises. My back extensions are super good now and he said I may have to start using a harder machine for those.

He made me roll around on the foam roller but that wasn’t hitting the one spot that I needed it to hit so he stretched me out again himself. At one point he had me pretzeled into this one position that really made me miss my last boyfriend. And after it was all over I felt a whole lot like aahhh and a little bit like oww. But right now, sitting here, I feel mostly like aaaah. Yay!

Then I got in my car to drive home and cried a lot for some reason. I haven’t cried in a while so I guess maybe it was time. Who knows. I just know that I cried.

Then I got home and did my budget. I’m not crying. But I am wondering how I’m going to enjoy a week at home with my family with only 145.83 when I have to pay for a 200 dollar family portrait session. I guess that’s what emergency funds are for, right? Goddamit.

But! The bright side is I have the emergency fund and things work out and I’m not gonna be dramatic over it. Money is dumb.

My weight is also dumb. But I’m getting stronger. And I’m enjoying my hikes and everything is good. And I have my time at the gym with my trainer to thank for that so I’m not removing that goodness from my budget. The end.

Sunday Hike

Today I woke up nice and early for my 6:30am hike. The temperature was a good, cold 54 degrees and there was a nice, brisk wind to make it even colder.

I wore my big pack like my trainer suggested and that was a good call. A lot of people asked me why I was wearing a big bag, however. But I’d explain and that was that.

The sunrise was gorgeous, of course.

And then because the sunrise so was pretty I look like a Simpson version of myself:

Simpsonized by the Sunrise

While we were at that spot taking our group photo and taking a midpoint break one of the guys asked me if I was going to do the National Trail Trek, a 15.5 mile hike in Phoenix in January. At first my answer was no. But then I talked to some other people and my answer became YES! So, there’s that.

Today was a nice, easy 4 mile hike. I guess I took it easy this weekend. Even if my upper right hip/haunch area doesn’t feel like it. It feels all knotted up and owwy. I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO STRETCH. Gawd.

King of the Hikes!

Today I hiked the Hieroglyphics Trail in the Superstition Wilderness. I knew this would be a shorter hike and would be more like a touristy hike. But I had no idea that I would be one of the “more advanced” hikers there. That should tell you how the hike went.

We stopped a lot on the way up to let people catch up. Which, it was an incline but it was a very nice, gradual incline. The hike was an elevation gain of 550ft over a nice, steady, gradual incline. It allowed me to take lots of pictures so I’m not going to complain too much.

Our destination was the petroglyphs and that part did not disappoint. They were abundant and easy to get to and see. Yay petroglyphs!

I fiddle farted around and took pictures and then sat in the shade and enjoyed the cool breeze and really felt like it should be time for us to start heading back down. But then? Four more members of our group finally made it to the top!!! I’m not even kidding. I’m kinda shocked. I’m trying to be nice and understanding because of how out of shape I was just earlier this year but that really seemed bad to me. But then? One of them? Sat down to catch her breath and lit a cigarette. YES, REALLY!!!!


So, me and two other girls had enough of that and made our way back down. We didn’t stop or take breaks because we didn’t need to. It was a mile and a half down a nice, easy hill. We did stop to let the parade of horses pass. That was nice.

I will say this: I do believe that hiking in the Superstition Wilderness areas is my favorite. It’s beautiful out there. More rugged and wild feeling. I dig it. I’d like for my favorite hiking group to start hiking out there. Change your plans to suit me, world!

That was a joke.


But that was today’s hike. A nice, leisurely, touristy type hike in an absolutely beautiful location.

Up and Down and Back Again

This will be the recap of this week’s gymming!

Here is Tuesday:

Squat hops no stepper 20 20 20
Step ups quick touch (RL-1) 10 10 10
Band 3 way shoulders 15 15 15
Assisted pull ups with band 6 6 6
Foam roll
Arc trainer 3 min Got Dizzy

Everything was fine and good until he wanted me to do the assisted pull ups with a band. What this meant was I had to put my foot in a band that was wrapped around part of the steel frame of the pull up thing, step down, then hang by my arms and try to pull myself up. Which I could for a few inches and then he’d have to grab me by my sides and help me up. He claimed to be pleased with how well I did. I claimed to believe him.

Then he made me use the foam roller and I told him today that the foam roller makes me want to punch someone in the junk. And I did a punch motion. I didn’t name names.

We finished off by me getting damn dizzy and having to stop after just THREE LAME ASSED MINUTES on the Arc trainer. I left the gym very pissed off and grrrr. He told me to settle down. I did not listen.

And now, this is today:

Sled push 3 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
Step up switches 3 20 20 20 20
Sled push 3 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
Wall sit 3 60s 60s 60s 60s
TRX hamstring curls 10 10 10
Bosu ball weighted crunch 5×20 5×20 5×20
Stretch out

I’m pretty impressed at how much faster I am pushing the sled to and fro! I’ll say that. I’m good with that. He has it listed twice. Because I pushed it up and down the entire turf field three times. So six times. SIX!

The step up switches were slow because after pushing the sled my legs felt like they were 100 lbs.

The wall sit was easier than I thought it would be. It was like chilling out, having a seat. Without a chair.

Then he made me do these TRX hamstring curls. Before I show you how boring they really are I will tell you that all I could picture as he was helping put my feet in the handles was a sex swing. And then he was all “Now lay down and put her hips up in the air!” and I giggled and acted inappropriate and finally had to tell him why and that poor guy.

So, now that you know that my feet were in stirrups and my hips were all up in the air, I’ll show you how boring it really is:

The bosu ball weighted crunches remain easy.

Then? He stretched me out. He didn’t just make me stretch. He got all involved. So of course I had to joke to face book that I couldn’t decide if I had worked out or just paid for sexy times. Because I’m twelve.

But I felt really good when I left and that’s a nice way to end the week.

A Stroll in the Desert

Sunday’s hike was much more leisurely with only 160ft total gain and 4 miles in length. However, at one point I was walking at a rate of 14:27 minutes a mile and the slowest was 23:31 minutes a mile. Not too shabby, really, for a leisure hike.

It was a new trail for me in the Brown’s Ranch area, which we go to frequently.

One of the dudes that was there may or may not have been someone i met up with for coffee from Tinder. I’m still undecided. Either way that clearly shows I wasn’t super interested in that person, right? Or it highlights that I’m an asshole. Either way, yeah?

On these leisure hikes I really do try to walk faster than usual since I’m not getting any incline work in and I think I did a grand job of it this time. At one point I was in the very front of the group walking with Sabrina, the leader. I’d fall behind a few times due to untied laces or stopping to take a photo. But then I’d catch up again and pass people. So I feel good about that. And I feel good that a 4 mile hike is now something I consider “a leisurely stroll in the desert.”

My hips and knees hurt a lot this weekend and it finally dawned on me that I worked those areas a lot with Tyler and d’uh! of course they are going to be sore and tired. I’m a goddamned genius sometimes.

I put on weight instead of lost. I just don’t even know anymore. Other than I eat a lot. Since I do. Especially the day of a hike like Saturday. So. Yeah. I guess I need to just accept that this is me forever.

 Relaxing Walk in the Desert Selfie