But we were on a break!

Thursday I get to the gym and my lower back hurts and my abs hurt and my legs are tired and fatigued feeling because of my period, right? So Tyler is all “How do you feel!?” and I try to explain all of that without saying “PERIOD!” And he’s all “OK!” and puts me on the whatever machine where you put the weight bar on your back and squat with it and I tell him it hurts my lower back and he’s all “Why?” and I give him the “Come on, man…” look and he goes “Oh.” but proceeds to have me do it anyway. And then he adds more weight to it! Lordy.

Then I have to push and pull the sled up and down with two 45lb weights on it. The pulling it hurt my back and my abs.

Then he had me do squats with the swiss ball between my lower back and the wall as I hold on to a kettlebell.

Then had me do some crunches. And it all hurt. It was all lower back and abs, man! And finally at 5:45 he’s all “Oh, wait…do you want to skip the crunches?!” and I was all “IT’S TOO LATE NOW!!!” and laughed and then said “Boys are funny.” and then he was a bit “ooops.”

There may have been more that I did but my spreadsheet wasn’t updated because his signal wasn’t working. But this is the gist.

Friday I went out dancing! I actually danced to, like, three songs? And that was fun. And I walked Gladys Thursday after gym and Friday before dancing.

Saturday morning I woke up with rum belly but I got that under control and got ready and went to my hike at Usery Mountain Pass.

This hike was with the same group I went hiking with in the Superstition Mountain area. When I signed up for this hike I left a comment asking the hike leader to tell me whether or not I should keep my butt at home. She responded and said she’d actually thought of me when she scheduled it and that I would do fine.

Well. I did mostly fine.

When I showed up she told me that she wanted me to stay in the middle of the pack. She wanted me to push myself to keep up and being in the middle would do that. I made jokes about being the problem child but the reality is that it’s kinda sorta nice that she had a plan for me while also kinda being annoying that she had a plan for me. If that makes sense.

This hike is a 7.5 mile loop with good elevation gain. We started out strong and I felt good about it. I was keeping up and I wasn’t nearly as winded as usual. Yes, I am breathing heavy the entire time but I didn’t feel like it was the heavy, deep, oh my god I cannot breathe type of heavy breathing. Just a constant heavy breathing.

This area was gorgeous. On the first part of the hike, however, you can hear the gunshots from the shooting range. That totally distracted me from the beauty of the hike and make it not as enjoyable. So, it does seem that part of my love of hiking is the silence and the feeling of being out in the desert away from life.

Parts of this trail were really very narrow and close to the edge and as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep last night I started to have visions of me falling off the trail. Which is weird but there it is.

Once we got through a few steep down hills that scared me a bit and a few narrow near the edge with parts of the trail eroded away bits the leader instructed me to “look up ahead more. Stop looking right at the path you are on. Take in the bigger picture so your brain is doing more work than your feet. You’ll be more confident and foot sure.” Bob was ahead of me telling me which direction I should go to feel more confident. All of this was helpful and nice and it did not surprise me once Barbara indicated she’d spent 4 years in the Army.

Barbara made it kinda seem like I may have a rough time going down the trail to the end, that it was going to be steep and scary. And at first it was. But then something happened. Somehow the group ahead of me got a wee bit ahead. And then the group behind me was quite a bit behind me. So, there was nobody telling me what to do. I adjusted my hat so I could see more of the trail ahead. I kept my shoulders back  and chest high to improve my breathing and engage my core. And I just walked.

I have no idea if the trail was easier than Barbara had made me feel or if I just was able to be more confident without all of those voices harping at me. But I just felt much better about all of it.

People that had hiked with me the last time told me how great I was doing.

But then…I got hot. And boy did everything change after that. I have to find a way to deal with that. Because I got hot and then I instantly wanted to stop. I wanted to stop and sit in the shade and wait. Then we had to hike a bit on the asphalt, which was WAY HOTTER and I cried for 10 seconds because it was also up a hill and I was done. I was hot and my legs were more fatigued than they have ever been.

I made it to Barbara’s car and that was it, I was done. I made another lady go get my car. I wish I’d pushed myself to my own car but I couldn’t do it. I was getting really dizzy and I was just done.

Once I explained to the ladies that I JUST got off of my couch in March and I JUST got super serious about hiking in August they were all very much like “OH! Well, hell, you really are doing GREAT!” and they meant it. So that was nice.

I was tired as all fuck the rest of the day and I went to bed at 8:17. I went ahead and set my alarm for 5am to give myself the opportunity to decide if I was going to hike this morning. My big toe is numb. Which is weird and I don’t know why. So I decided to skip it and went back to bed for another hour.

In other news, I have gotten back on the scale now that my hormones are nicely tucked away where they belong. I’m 158. And I’m hitting the store and getting back on track with my healthy eating!

So, there’s the story as of now.


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