Sunday Hike Day

I’m obviously running out of creative titles here.

Today was a really nice three mile hike. The hike itself took around an hour and a half and we stopped a few times to catch our breath and take photos. It took me 46 – 60 minutes each way just to get there. I might need to stop going on these short hikes unless they are in a new place, have more inclines, or are simply closer to home. Today had two good inclines so I may do it again. I’ll have to ponder the benefits. Other than “I like hiking.” Which is good enough. I just made all of those other words moot, maybe.


I found myself walking at the front again. And even though they said it was going to be a leisurely pace, um…our fastest was 16:41 minutes a mile. That’s right around what I walk here on sidewalks with Gladys! So, yeah. To me that is not leisurely.

The inclines weren’t super steep but they were about a 150ft average gain each time. And I kept up with the ones in front of me. Yes, my breathing got harder but I kept up and I recovered pretty well when we stopped. There is improvement. But lots of room for more.

Other than that all I have to say is that this was, as usual, a really nice group of people. I’m getting to see lots of familiar faces and chit chat with several of them. It was a really pretty hike with nice views.

My boots are still working out for me, too.

Overall? I have no complaints! Huzzah!


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