Saturday Hike Day

Today was a fantastic five mile hike that consisted of going to the summit of Brown Mountain. The weather was beautiful. The sunrise was amazing, as usual, and the group was small and friendly.

The stats. Before the story. It's anarchy!

The stats. Before the story. It’s anarchy!

Sabrina is starting to do longer, harder, and faster hikes on Saturdays and using Sundays for the shorter more leisurely hikes. Which is great. So, she did a really good, brisk pace today. Usually I’m way in the back taking photos, not really walking as fast as I can, etc. But today I decided I wanted to see if I could keep up and not just tell myself I’m a slow hiker.

Guess what? I’m not really a slow hiker. I just choose to hike slower because I really do enjoy my surroundings. But today I was more in the front/middle of the group. Even going up the inclines. I was keeping up and doing great.

We stopped at the scenic overview to catch our breath before starting up the summit. This is where I started to get a wee bit worried. Because of this:

Brown Mountain Summit-4

That’s only .2 miles? Holy steep balls!

So, yeah. But even that didn’t fully prepare me. It was steep. And it was narrow. And it had loose rocks.

Other people just walk right up it like it’s nothing. I’m honestly envious of those people. I don’t know how they do it. They just walk like nothing bad can happen to them. Just up they go. Me? I’m cussing, muttering, almost crying, being all slow, using my hands and my ass, and all of that nonsense. People are giving me their trekking poles and words of encouragement to get me up there.

And up there I got!

I MADE IT! With a look of complete horror on my face, of course. But made it!

I MADE IT! With a look of complete horror on my face, of course. But made it!

And getting up was the easy part. Holy shit.

But everyone was super nice and that is great. But it doesn’t make me feel less bad about making everyone stand around and wait on me while I act neurotic. I understand that the only way I’m going to get better is by doing things like this and I’m not going to go out and do them alone so I’m kinda in a tough spot here. Ugh.

And, again, there was one guy that has hiked the canyon and he saw me have the scareds and he did not ever at all try to convince me that I cannot do the canyon. He prepared me for parts of the descent, which is narrow. And he told me to go do more incline hikes during the week for my cardio. But never not once did he say “you need to rethink this.” Which is great. Because he seems to be the type of guy that would.

The rest of the hike was going back down and then down and then back up and then bam! We’re at the parking lot. It was a quick hike with a good pace and I was, actually, pretty pleased with things overall. Minus the summit bit. Even though I did it. I should stop.

After this I made my way back to my home area and picked up a coworker to go check out REI’s garage sale. Holy crap! It seems you need to get there early because by the time we got there the only things left were boots. And boy did they have boots. And? I literally saw a pair of mine that I’d returned. Not one like it. My actual pair. Literally my boots. For $35!! But I’d returned them for a reason and it would have looked way shady if I rebought them at that price. They were the really flexible ones that made my shins tired so they’re really of no use to me.

But, I did manage to find a pair of hiking pants in the clearance area. Not the garage sale, sadly. But hiking pants seem to be right around $80, which seems nuts to me. But I got a pair on clearance, used my $20 off coupon, and my Happy Anniversary at Work Visa Gift card and got them for the very low price of free! Can’t beat that. And now I have one pair of actual hiking pants that zip off to be shorts and roll up to be shorter pants. They are comfy and yay.

And that was Saturday in the world of hiking.


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