“If you can’t handle me when I’m bulking, you don’t deserve me when I’m swole.” -Marilyn Monbro*

*I read that on Reddit and could not stop laughing because it is absurd and I sent it to my friend Randi because I knew she would hate it. I share because I love. Now, on to the real show…

This will be my update of this week’s gymming. I went on my regularly scheduled Tuesday and Thursday.

This is what happened on Tuesday:

Leg press 3 15 90×15 90×15 90×15
Hamstring stretch X X X
Modified gymnast lat pull down 2 10(4) 60×10(4) 40×10(4)
BM incline press mach 3 3 20×10 20×10 20x
Shoulder stabilization work 3 X X X X
Cross crunch 3 10 10 10 10
DB toe touches 3 10 5×20 5×10 5×10

At the beginning of each session we kinda chit chat and he takes mental notes about the things I am saying and he will adjust the workout based on that stuff. And here I thought I just really cared what I did that weekend. ha! So, after I did the leg presses, he made me do hamstring stretches because I hiked and ballet gymmed and my legs were tight. Yowza.

I had funny stories to tell. Dammit! I knew I should have told them immediately. Now I’m sitting here typing and they are gone, gone, gone. Oh, well.

The shoulder stabilization work was weird. OH! Here’s the funny stuff. Doing that I had to be on all fours then kinda in a plank position while using dumbbells as handles. This type of stuff always makes my wrists hurt. And I said “Man! I really need to exercise my wrists!” and then I immediately started laughing and I wouldn’t tell him because I totally thought about hand jobs and the shake weight bit from SNL. Then while I’m already giggling about this nonsense he tells me to get down on all fours. Which, really, I haven’t been told in far too long.

That took a turn.

Then? While I’m in the floor surrounded by sweaty people working out, myself included? Somebody gases the area! I have no idea who and I didn’t want to proclaim it but good lord it was rancid. Oy.

And that was Tuesday.

Then we have Thursday.

Thursday was the first time in a long, long time that I really just wanted to cancel for no other reason that “Good lord, I am exhausted and want to lie down.” PMS. And lots of work. And all of the things and getting up early all of the time always and no vitamins or vegetables have caught up to me.

So, I explained all of that to him and he listened. So, we did a whole lot of balance work.

Step up balance with DB curl & press 8×10 10×10 12×10
Bosu ball balance work X X X
Bosu ball hand balance knee tuck X X X
Boau ball v sit 30s 30s 30s
Bosu ball alt knee to elbow 20 20 20

And? To prove he listens he pointed out that all of this stuff will help me when I have to cross streams and I am windmilling my arms forever and ever so I don’t fall into the water. So I had to do a lot of balancing stuff on the bosu ball. Which was cool. And made me tense and he was all “you need to unclinch!” and so I did. Some. And it was all fine and good and I was, overall, pleased with the improvement in my balance. Especially since my ears were clogged which always gives me vertigo like dizziness! I HAVE ALL OF THE FUN!

He also kinda sorta told me that it’s ok to take time off and that I should, maybe, take a weekend to not hike. We’ll see. I just really enjoy the hikes but I understand what he means. I did just kinda throw myself into it, didn’t I?

So, there’s the update!


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