All of the Things!

So, I went to the gym on Thursday. I was still feeling dizzy/lightheaded with an upset stomach but here I am doing the gym like a boss. Do people still say like a boss? Do I care? No. Either way, I was there and I did my warm ups.

Then Tyler and I discussed my dizzy and after going through all of the right questions it finally dawned on me that I replaced my daily vitamin with the Target version. That was the only change in my diet and/or routine. So, I stopped taking it. So far, no dizzy. Flintstones is where it’s at, folks. Now we know that.

Then we proceeded to work out!

FM chest press 3 10 25×10 35×10 35×10
FM alt lat pull down 3 10 50×10 60×10 60×10
FM ab crunch 3 10 30×10 30×10 30×10
Swiss ball hand plank hold 3 10s 15s 15s
Seated rope front waves 15s 15s 15s
Rope lateral holds 15s 15s 15s
Roman chair knee raises 10 10 10
DB curl & press & tricep extension 8×10 8×10 8×10

After I did the first set of the FM chest presses he asked “How was that?” And I said, “Well, it was really easy.” So he moved it up to 45 and I could barely budge it and that made me proclaim, “Why did you go from nothing to 45?!?” and he was all “Umm…you started on 25!” I thought I was doing them with no weight. That’s how easy it was with the 25lbs! WOO!

I cannot tell you how impressed I am that I was able to do the swiss ball hand planks!!

I totally did this!!

When I started doing the Roman chair knee raises he said “Good height!”

You guys. I’m getting stronger and I can tell! I can tell at the gym and I can tell on the trails. I, of course, have some weak areas but right now I don’t care too much about that. I’m too busy being happy with my progress. I just started doing all of this in March. I went from doing the couch and TV all of the times to being able to hike NINE MILES! in one day and do planks while holding a rolly ball still and bench press and all of that. I’m proud of me. Still. So there.

Yesterday I went on a nice, leisurely, meandering hike in a canyon around a river.

Yes, Arizona has water.

Yes, Arizona has water.

It wasn’t strenuous or anything like that. We hiked 2 miles in 2 hours. There were a lot of stops for photo taking. We had the river and butterflies and petroglyphs! So nice. And it was the first time I tried out my new boots and they did great.

Third time's the charm?

Third time’s the charm?

The only area I needed help was down the steep, wet grass covered bank to get down to cross the water. But we all needed a hand there, so, yeah.

This morning’s hike was a more traditional hike around Granite Mountain. Four miles in two hours.

Tonto National Forest really is one of the loveliest places around.

Tonto National Forest really is one of the loveliest places around.

There was a guy on the hike that is a med student in town for a few weeks to intern for the Mayo Clinic for a bit. He’s only been here a week or so and has been on ten hikes. He’s going out and doing all of the awesome things while he’s here, taking full advantage of the situation and I so totally admire and respect him for that. Too many people travel for work and don’t do that. But not him. I liked that.

And I liked that he told me that I look like I’m in good shape. Boom! And he gave me some really good tips in regards to interval training for cardio strength. He agreed that my muscle strength has far advanced my cardiovascular strength and told me it won’t take me long to fix that if I simply do the interval training 15 – 20 minutes every day! So that’s the next item on my old to do list.

Then I got to talk to a woman that lived in Boston during the 1950s. She was a patient of Dr. Rock‘s, one of the people involved in the development of the pill! She told me it was illegal to even prescribe women any form of birth control at that time but she proudly carried her diaphragm out of his office in a brown paper bag. She said she was proud to have been part of that and it was just really neat to talk to someone who was, in a way, part of history! I love that. She’s in her 80s and hikes, does water aerobics, swims laps, plays cards with friends, and is just so vibrant. She is now a third lady in my list of inspirations to be in shape to maintain my independence.

While I was talking to the med student about my progress thus far and all of that one of the first time hikers turned around and said “How dare you steal my life story!” And we got to talking a bit and other than her being a dentist? Yeah. We’re kinda twins.

We also had our first run in with Africanized bees! One of the ladies was stung and I had several get on me that had to be force-ably removed! I ran. I won’t lie. That caused me to run. I wanted out of their area so I ran. No shame in that.

What I noticed on today’s hike is that I was not the slowest. I had a good speed. I felt good. The four miles passed very quickly and I felt good after wards.

Also worth noting? I’m fairly certain my boots are keepers. Four miles, no blisters. No tired feet and shins.



I also went to the ballet gym today and did the Stretch and Tone class! I will not lie…after hiking for four miles doing the tone portion with my legs made me want to cry. Holy crap. And? Sweating on top of previous sweat made me smell like a monkey. But dammit, I toned and stretched and it was good.

I do not hate my body. Me doing all of this work is just a way to take care of it. To honor all of the things it can do for me and ensure it will be able to continue to do these things for far more years. It’s not me hating it. It’s me loving it.


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