Time keeps on slipping

Let’s catch up!

I gymmed on Thursday as per usual:

Super leg press squats 3 10 120×10 120×10 120×10
Super leg press jump squats 3 10 120×10 120×10 120×10
Hamstring curls 3 10 50×10 60×10 60×10
Leg extensions (manual load) 3 15 25×15 25×15 25×15
Hack squat low 3 10 10 10 10
HS iso chest press 3 10 10 10×10 10×10
T bar row mach 3 10 10 10×10 10×10
DB back flys 3 10 5×10 5×10 5×10

I’m super excited over those leg press and jump squats and I’m not going to pretend that I’m not. So there.

Doing the T bar row machine and DB back flys, for some reason, made me dizzy. I’ve been dizzy a lot lately. It stinks. I have no idea why but it’s just a thing that I deal with here and there. It is what it is.

I accused Tyler of being super mean by making me do so much leg work when he knew good and well I was going on a nine mile hike on Saturday. But after the nine mile hike on Saturday I am now nominating him for the Trainer of the Year Award. If there is a such a thing. In my mind there is and he wins.

So that was gym.

Saturday I went on a nine mile hike.

It's more of a wash than a trail. But people hike it. So there you go.

It’s more of a wash than a trail. But people hike it. So there you go.

The trail mostly looked like this. Because it was a wash. And while, yes, I have done a nine mile hike before, it was a much easier hike that this one. And the people that called this one easy kinda made me want to slap ’em around. It was Intermediate and you cannot tell me any differently!

The ground is loose rock, large rocks, smooth rocks, loose sand, etc. It’s a lot of work to walk on that type of terrain if your’e just starting out. Or if you’re me.

It turns out I am a very, very slow hiker. And I just don’t care. I’m not trying to race. I’m trying to enjoy what I’m doing. And if that means I’m slow while I do it, so be it.

I hiked with a brand new group of people, which was fine, but maybe not for this hike. Because I held them up. I’m not exaggerating or being down on myself. I one hundred percent held them up. I was slow. I got all panty going up the inclines. I got all overheated and wanted to do. I wanted to sit in the shade and and relax. But they did not. They knew that the sun was only going to get higher in the sky and hotter and that we needed to get the hell off of that trail. So they pushed me. And at the time it pissed me off but not for long. Because I knew it was the very right thing to do.

And? My shoes were NOT the right decision. My left foot was fine, overall, but did get tired and felt tender in a few places. The right foot was swimming in the shoe and I got a baby blister that is already gone. The main issue was that the foot was not secure at all on the right so I rolled my ankle a lot. So now the muscle on the outside of my right shin is super sore from all of the extra work. And that is no good!

Now that I have the negative out of the way, let’s talk about the positive.

Wide open desert mountains.

Wide open desert mountains.

The entire hike was just amazing! We were in a wash so it was just lush and green. We had to hop over a few areas that still had water and I got over some of them on my own. On two I needed a hand to hold. And that was all fine.

There was one area of water that had, what had to be, a hundred butterflies. And they fluttered all around us as we walked through and it was just so magical and lovely! That moment was grand.

Also grand? A man named Bob that was just as in awe of his surroundings as I am. He loved the green, the flowers, the tiny frog, the boulders, the unknown of how long it took for the rocks to be formed in the shapes they are, what the pioneers felt as they came through there, what types of footwear the Native Americans wore, the butterflies, the wide open views, the rocks that looked like a resting camel, all of it. He loved all of it and I loved it, too. He was just so awe struck and happy and it was lovely.

Also? My legs are machines now. I hiked nine miles in a rougher terrain that I am used to and my legs were mostly fine. I feel happy about that. So happy. Nine miles! In a wash! Up some inclines!

We did encounter a rattlesnake. I heard it very distinctly before we got there. It was unmistakable even though I’d never heard that sound in my life! I did not walk past it. I thought that was a dumb move and I went a different way. But it was really very neat, I think. To see the snake being all defensive and in his strike pose. And to hear his warn us that he’d jack us up if need be. Neat!

The leader of the group gave me a pep talk and encouraged me to join them again. She said that now that she has hiked with me she can tell me better what hikes I should or should not sign up for. And then another dude sent me a message and gave me a “Atta girl!” which was very nice. People are nice.

I didn’t hike on Sunday. Instead I cleaned up all of my hiking shoes and took them back to REI and then bought a new pair. Of actual boots.

Now when I say hiking boots I actually mean boots. Boots boots boots.

Now when I say hiking boots I actually mean boots. Boots boots boots.

These are waterproof! Gortex, baby. And they’ll get tested this weekend. The guy that was helping me showed me how to lace them up to really lock my foot into place and that was super helpful and I feel pretty good. The reviews for these boots are all pretty damned positive, too. So, we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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