The one where I mix a vlog and a blog and it turns out to be a hot mess

I went to Road Runner Sports on Monday to discuss insoles for my hiking shoes and the girl that was helping me looked and sounded like the girl on Scrubs that JD referred to as Jo. And? She called me ma’am. She talked just like Jo and called me ma’m. So, you want an update on my boots and my feet? Here’s a video to give you just that! Because Jo.

You’re welcome.

Now, let’s move on to the gym update! I gymmed on Tuesday!

Sled push 4 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
BW squats 4 10 10 10 10 10
Sled chain backward walk 4 LOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT 45xLOT
TRX row 2 12 12 12
Decline sit ups 3 12 12 12
Decline leg lifts 3 10 10 10

So. Let’s talk about that table, yes? Yes.

First I had to push the sled with a 45lb weight on it all the way down the turf field. Then? I did 10 body weight squats. Then I pushed the sled back down the turf field. Then I pushed it back to the other side. Then I did 20 body weight squats. Then I had to push the sled back down to the other side and do 10 more body weight squats! Whew!

Then he attached a chain with handles on each end to the sled and I had to pull it down the turf field. I found this much easier. When I got to the end the first time I had to do 12 TRX rows. Then pull the sled down the field. Then pull it back. Do 12 more TRX rows. Then pull it back to the other end to put it away for the night. Whew!

This all made me light headed. At one point Tyler said “Does this suck?” And my honest answer was “No. The dizzy sucks but the work doesn’t. I like it. It’s why I’m here.” And I truly meant that. I just so enjoy that I’m stronger! That I have some physical strength! I like it and I’m happy. So there.

I finished up the evening by doing decline situps and decline leg lifts and holy moly. Well, first I’m pleased that I was able to do the decline situps without feeling a fat roll rolling on itself and making me feel pinchy. That was good. And I was able to do the leg lifts but my legs look froggy and dorky. Which is not surprising but makes me giggle anyway.

The war of the gym radio station waged on and we heard some death metal which made me laugh and laugh and Tyler was all “Man, I don’t even know anymore!” and the gym is kinda funny and quirky that way. I like that.

And I’ve joined a challenge with my friend Randi. We are going to only eat what we, personally, take to work for ourselves. No eating candy or baked goods brought in by coworkers. No eating out at lunch. Smaller portions. The whole thing. We’re each molding it to fit our own needs but we each want to try to drop about 10 pounds by the end of the month. So, we’ll see. All I know is that I’ve been on a major spree of foods and my weight is up! Even with all the hiking and sled pulling. And it’s because of pie and Snickers and too much pasta and not the right stuff because I’ve not gone to the store like a reasonable adult. That will change this weekend and then I can really join in the challenge wholeheartedly. For right now I’m going to do the best I can with the supplies I have on hand.

And that, my friends, is the way things are now.


3 thoughts on “The one where I mix a vlog and a blog and it turns out to be a hot mess

  1. I’ve been a whole damn week with no candy! I’m eating horribly in the off hours but work seems to be going well. I forgot to bring snacks today so I’m spooning peanut butter into my mouth with my finger. And I kind of got McDonald’s this morning because sometime the pull is too strong. So, you know, ups and downs. Ha!

    • I’m not doing super great my damned self but I think I’m doing better than I was. We shall see. The battery in my scale is dying and it’s getting harder to weigh myself. Which is likely for the best but I can also see myself going into denial about life if I can’t see that number! hahaha

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