Take a Hike!

I’d hike all the time if I could, I think. Maybe it’s good that isn’t possible.

So, today I got up and had some feedback from my friend Jeff in regards to what shoes I should wear today. His line of thought was that I should give them new ones another chance as there is a break in period. So, I put the custom insoles in there and off I went to the trailhead.

We’d had a lot of rain yesterday and overnight so the sky was very pretty with clouds and the temperature was, honestly, on the chilly side. I actually found myself wishing I’d brought a hoodie. But once we started on the trail that quickly went away. But the temperature stayed really nice and this group is going to start taking longer and longer hikes on Saturdays. And on this hike we decided we were going to build up to hiking up to the summit! Yay!

So, this hike was one I’d been on before and it’s pretty. All of them are pretty, really. But now the Granite Mountain trail has set the bar too high, really. But with all of the rain we’ve had the desert is just so green and looks really pretty. One section of this hike actually looked like a meadow!

A lovely meadow. In the desert.

A lovely meadow. In the desert.

So, I guess since this blog was designed to track my progress I should get back to talking about how I did on the hike, huh? Not just how nice the trail was, etc. But, I kinda think that speaks about how I’m doing.

I keep a good pace, I don’t get super winded any more, but we’ve not been doing lots of inclines, either. The pack on my back feels lighter each week but I swear I put more stuff in it each time. My ankles feel strong. My legs aren’t tired. The only issue has been my feet and my right hip sometimes starts to feel tired. So all of my gymming is just really making me stronger and I’m sure that all of the hiking I’m doing is, too.

Based on the past two days, I think I’m going to retire my original boots. And I don’t know if this is silly or not but I kinda don’t want to take them back. No, I am not made of money and yes, I could use the money back in my pocket that they’d give me for the return of these boots. But I’m feeling a sentimental tie to these boots for some reason. So they stay here for now.

They seem important to me for some reason. So they must be.

They seem important to me for some reason. So they must be.

But the new ones have not give me blisters and I’ve not covered my heels in tape, blister block bandages, or moleskin. Just the new boots, the sock liner, and the thicker socks. No blisters. And today with the custom insole my feet felt a wee bit better. I’m going to take the boots and my feet to Road Runner Sports to see if they have any that are a wee bit more cushiony while also being supportive. I think the new ones aren’t as cushy as the old ones. But right now I understand that no blisters is far more important than cushy.

So now, these are my new friends on the trails:

Blister free zone!

Blister free zone!

Next Saturday I have a nine mile hike with an entirely new group in an entirely new area. I’ve not been able to talk to anyone with experience on this trail but I’m gonna not cancel, I’m going to trust that I have this!

And then on Sunday I cannot hike because I have to use the rest of the ballet gym package I’ve already paid for. The only class that appeals to me and that I enjoy and is also beneficial to me is the Stretch and Tone class and the only one I can make it to is the 11:30am one on Sundays. And yes, I could hike and THEN go to that class but that kinda seems like I’d be rushing and I hate to rush. So much. So, I’ll wrap up this package so I don’t waste my money and then I get back to hiking all of the weekends! Woo!

I’m also considering taking Gladys on some short hikes towards the end of the year. She’ll be one in a month and I can start taking her for longer walks. Damn near every dog I see on the trails is a big dog:

Big dog!

Big dog!

But my sister and her husband took their Cairn Terrier, Howie, hiking and he loved it. So, I’ll give it a go with my wee girl and show people that little dogs are hikers, too.

I also think it’s time for me to get some cargo pants to hike in. Me hiking in my yoga pants is increasingly looking jakey. And dorky. The yoga pants need to be for the gym. They look dorky there, too, though. Because they are now baggy. BOOM! I need smaller yoga pants.

Life could be worse, yeah?


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