For some reason this week I am just worn out by the time 8pm hits. And now, it’s not for some reason, I have PMS and I just realized that is the answer to most of my woe. Like…I have been feeling like I could just jump right out of my skin. I cannot get comfortable no matter what and all of my nerve endings feel like they’ve moved right to the surface and things touching me suck. So, yeah. PMS. FUN!

So here’s a quick recap of gym last night:

Assisted pull ups 3 10 140×10 140×10 140×10
Vertical chest press 3 10 70×10 70×8 66.6×5 60×5
T bar row (paramount) 3 10 10 10 10
Back extensions 3 12 12 15 15
Premade bar bicep curls 3 10 30×10 30×10 30×10
3 way shoulders 3 10 2.5×10 2.5×10 2.5×10
Decline sit ups hold X

Here is where I go right ahead and say that I am pleased with the vertical chest press. That’s a jump up in weight! And also the bicep curls with the 30lb bar? That’s a jump up, too. And it was hard and stuff but I pushed through, dammit. Woo!

Some side notes:

Tyler did a triathalon, his first, on Sunday and I asked him how he did. Of course he did fantastic but because he is a person who is also a dude who is also a personal trainer by trade he was trying to be hard on himself and I was giving the pep talk and then he was all “But this is my job! I should have done better!” and then I paused and said “You know what? You’re right. This is unacceptable. I need a new trainer.” And laughs were had and then he informed me that the other event that was a smaller group and he and his girlfriend were a team? They came in first and second and then I had to tell him to let that other negative crap go. The end.

Also? The music was all over the place. So I mentioned it and he explained that depending on who is at the front desk the music will either stick to one station or they’ll all be up there fighting over it and that’s what happened on Tuesday. You’d get some Ariana Grande, that damn Iggy Azalea, then Miley Cyrus and then blamo! The Breeders and Alice In Chains. I got down to the Breeders. I won’t lie. But one of the other trainers came over to Tyler and was all “This music is very much a hot mess tonight.” The gym. It has music drama, y’all.

Also at the gym? I got my first female person giving me the up and down look of disapproval. I’m very sorry my Sesame Street t-shirt and now too big yoga pants were unacceptable. Except no, no I’m not.

Then today after work I went to REI with my current hiking shoes and socks to discuss the numbness in my toes and the damned blisters. And after we discussed it and I mentioned the numbness they said “Yeah. These are just not the shoes for you.”

So, I used money that I don’t have and bought new hiking shoes that feel pretty darn good. They’ll get tested out on Saturday when I go on a nice five mile hike.




For something I am enjoying so much I sure am having a hard time getting shit to just work right. Ugh. And I won’t lie. The still numb feeling toes has me a wee bit concerned.

And that’s it. I’m tired. Good night!


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