Walking and Sweating

I started each day this weekend hiking at the crack of dawn. One day, today, I was actually at the trailhead before the crack of dawn! More on that in a moment.

Yesterday’s hike started at 6am, which meant I was up at 4:30 and on the road by 5. There was lots of roadwork and part of my drive was closed so I had to detour which put me there right one time. But I had to pee. So I told the sweep (the person that walks at the back to ensure nobody gets left behind) that I’d catch up. She knows me now and was ok with that. And I did catch up! Even though I stopped to take photos of pokey things along the way.


Looks fuzzy, feels like barbed fire. Or so I’ve heard. 

I'm closing in!

I’m closing in!

This hike was about 3ish miles and we finished it up in about 90 minutes. It was a nice pace with a nice rolling trail. And, again, I just really like this group. They’re good people.

I never knew that I'd be this happy being this sweaty.

I never knew that I’d be this happy being this sweaty.

Nice people!

Nice people!

Behold! The desert!

Behold! The desert!

Today’s hike started at 5am so I had to be on the road by 4am which meant I had to be out of bed by 3:30am!! I must really, really like this hiking thing, y’all.

So, we started before the Sun was up in the sky. We could see all of the stars and it looked so amazing and peaceful. I was not at all nervous to hike in the dark with my headlamp for the first time, just curious as to how it would be. It turns out that I really enjoyed hiking in the dark. The only con is that you cannot see the beauty of the desert and I do love that. But we had the beauty of the stars and then as the light of the Sun started peeking out and then spreading into the sky and over the desert, I was just in awe. So grand.

Morning light.

Morning light.

But as I hiked in the dark with just the light of my headlamp I was able to just walk along casually. No worries about rocks or declines or inclines or anything of that sort. I just simply walked and it was awesome. I impressed myself, really. And then that casualness carried over once the sky was light. I’m getting more confident in my legs, ankles, and balance! Yay!

This hike was a wee bit over 5 miles and it took almost 2 and half hours, which isn’t bad at all.

We had a really good group of people and I got to talk to another person who’s hiked the canyon. He gave me his opinions and advice and I’m filing it away with all of the rest. I love talking to people that are able to see how I hike and how I get winded on inclines who still tell me that I am so totally ready to hike the canyon. It’s all good stuff.

As is the desert.

Early morning!

Early morning!

I wound up with blisters again in the same places so I’m going to have to figure out how to prevent that. Ugh.

Next weekend I’m doing my first 9 mile hike! One of the girls from this morning is going to do it, too, so that’s nice. It’s a different group that I’ve been hiking with so it will be nice to have a familiar face there.

I love hiking. It’s official. Even though I’m up early and all sweaty when it’s over and I want to eat all of the things once I get home. Hiking is peaceful and puts me out in the natural world and I just love it. I had no idea. I used to scoff.

I shall scoff no more.


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