All By Myself

Yesterday was the day that I was scheduled to go in and work at the gym all on my own! Tyler made my session and I printed it out and that was that.

As the day went on I expressed to my friend Randi that I was afraid I was going to get to the gym and then Andrea it up. So she started knocking me around and motivating me and before I knew it I was using music to pump up, inspired by Randi’s hate of my entire life!

I couldn’t NOT have Star Wars involved. How else could I continue to stoke the flames of Randi’s hatred. It’s the dark side. It all flows together nicely, yes? (Disclaimer: Randi loves me. I love her. It’s a thing.)

I’m rich on personality!!

For the record? I’m not sure how ANYONE can listen to “Baby I’m a Star” and NOT get all pumped up. Get it, y’all.

So, all of this worked. And I went into the gym motivated and determined to get through the entire session and not quit or get all up in my head about shit.

I went in and did my shoulder warm ups. Then I did five minutes on the stairmill at level 6. Well. Two and a half at 6 then two and a half at 5. It is my belief that not all stairmills are created equal and whenever possible I will use the same one I am used to because this one seems way different and the level speeds don’t seem to be at all the same as the other. It’s hard to really track my progress that way.

Then, I went off to do my session.

First off I was supposed to alternate for three sets on each machine doing the vertical chest press and the Cybex machine row. However there were two dudes on the Cybex taking turns so I just did all three sets of the vertical chest press at once. Well, I mean, I rested in between each set. Three sets of 12 with 60lbs. This wasn’t too bad. I was able to do it and maybe should have tried to do 70lbs. Then once the dudes were done I moved over to the Cybex and did three sets of 10 seated rows with 40lbs. I maybe could have done 50lbs because I didn’t get super weak on this until the last half of the last set.

Then I had to do the shoulder press and then bicep/tricep combo machines. Alternate between the two for three sets. I started with the shoulder press, which we all know by now is my weak area. I pushed myself, though. I didn’t wimp out or take it easy since I was alone. I pushed and I did all three sets of ten with 30lbs. I had to take turns on the bicep/tricep machine with this huge Dolph Lundgren guy. He was tall and big and using 175 pounds and the seat was way low since he is so tall. On the first set I caught a dude that helped me move the seat since I could not for the life of me figure out how to do that. Then for the second set it was all set for me so I was able to do that without issues. But then he got on there while I was doing my last set of shoulder presses and I didn’t see anyone that looked like they wanted to be bothered. So, I just didn’t do the third set of these. Which is lame, I know. I hate that machine. I’ll admit it. But I did the first set with 35 and then the second set with 25.

After this I moved over to the other side of the gym to do swiss ball chest press with 10lb dumbbells. I likely can do 15lbs now. This is super easy at this point. At one point I’m doing a set and “Jeremy” comes on the in gym radio station and I’m laughing at the absurdity and then realize that it’s been all ’90s music and suddenly I’m wishing I had some baby doll dresses and all of this is happening while I’m doing chest presses. So, yeah. They’re easy for me with the 10lb at this point. But I did three sets. In between each of those sets I did seated shoulder presses on the swiss ball. These are still not so easy but we already knew that. But I pushed through and got them all done. The third set was sloppy as hell.

Then he wanted me to do the three way shoulders with just my body weight. I said no to that and did them with 2lb weights. So there. Thumbs down, lateral raises, bent over raises. In between these three sets I did 20 crunches on the bosu ball.

And with that my independent session was over and I got it all done in an hour! I didn’t rest a lot in between. I was mostly just bam bam bam doing the work. And? I took my very first at the gym selfie. I’m very cool.


Then I went home and walked Gladys and that was my Thursday.

For some reason today my knees have just been stiff and horrible. Which is no good since I’m hiking early tomorrow morning. And I have spent the evening putting my first aid kit in my bag and testing out my new headlamp!

I am a serious hiker now.

I am a serious hiker now.

So I guess that means I should hit the hay! Hay hay hay!


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