Creak and Crack and Ouch

So, my area of the world had more rain than it can handle and we flooded and it was wild and a mess. And? I wound up driving in it. Which caused me to be a tensed up, clenched up ball of nerves. And? Now the left side of my neck and my upper back/shoulder area just feels all wrong. I’m trying to relax and get it to work out on its own but I may have to actually break down and go get a massage. Yay for me, right? Sheesh.

But I made it to the gym yesterday for my regular session and we did leg day! Now, I hear a lot of people hating on leg day but I gotta tell you….I fucking LOVE leg day. I feel accomplished. I feel strong. I feel like I’m making progress. I like that I’m seeing a wee bit of shape to my calves and my butt. Leg day is a winner in my book. Even on days that my knee says “nope!” Because I understand the why behind it now. Leg day, y’all. Embrace it. Love it. Make it your friend!

So, all of the stairmills were taken so I did the treadmill for close to 10 minutes. Five of which were at the 15 incline.

Then off we went to leg day fun times!

Exercise Sets Reps Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Leg press 2 15 50×15 50×15
Hamstring curls 2 15 50×15 50×15
Leg push downs 3 10 120×10 140×10 160×10
Super leg press (upright) 3 12 120×12 150×12 150×12
BW standing calf raises 3 30 30 30 30
FM ham hip raises 3 12 7.5×12 7.5×12 7.5×12
FM ham glute kick back 3 12 7.5×12 7.5×12 7.5×12
FM hack squat 3 12 50×12 70×15

We only did two sets of the leg press and hamstring curls because the gym was busy and people took over the leg press and he likes to do things as a set so that meant no third set of the hamstring curls. Which is fine.

After that session he went over the session he put together for me to do on my own on Thursday. Oh yeah. On my own. He’s going out of town but offered to build sessions for his clients so we’d not get off track. So, I’m gonna go into the gym and work out on my own with what he built for me. And it’s all upper body. I can do this! Cheer me on, please.

He also found me on Instagram and now he follows me and I was teasing him about how I can’t post my food photos and he was all “Nope. If you do I’ll just leave empty comments to display my disapproval!” Oh, trainer humor. I like it.

My spree of food has continued but I’m slowly getting it back to where it was before last week happened.

I walked my wee girl this evening even though it is still humid as hell and my neighborhood is all smelly and gritty and gross from the flooding. What a mess. But it was a start. And it was fine and good and yes.

And now I shall go relax my back by not being in front of the computer and then hit the hay for the healthy amount of sleeps I like to have!


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