I think I just have to update about my gym time on Thursday, yes? I likely walked Gladys and all of that but that’s just now part of my life and not really exercise, right? Yeah. You don’t need to hear that I walked my dog like a responsible dog owner any longer.

And this weekend I didn’t do anything that was really exercise because I took a wonderful road trip to Santa Fe. We did walk around and take photos but that was leisurely and nice. I did take my weights and do my shoulder exercises, though. And I ate whatever whenever. But I weigh the same! Woo!

So, Thursday. Let’s catch up..

My usual warm up on the stairmill and my shoulder warm ups. I am now doing five minutes at level 6 on the stairmill! Slowly but surely I’ll get to a respectable pace!

Then Tyler made me do things that have convinced me that he hates me. Except not really. He’s doing his job and pushing me harder and further and it is awesome.

I had to do six dumbbell upper body exercises all in a row without a break in between. Just boom boom boom. Boom boom boom. And holy hell that was hard. It looked like this:

Db ball chest press 3 12 12×12 12×12 12×12
Db bent over row 3 12 12×12 12×12 12×12
Db shoulder press 3 12 12×12 12×7.5 12×6/6
Db lateral raise 3 10 8×10 5×10 5×10
Db bicep curls 3 12 12×12 12×12 12×12
Db tricep overhead ext 3 12 12×12 12×12 12×12

As you can see the lateral raise is still my weakest move followed closely by the shoulder press. Still. But we’re working on it. The swiss ball chest press is easy. The bent over row is easy. The tricep overhead extension was easier than I expected but I guess after doing the shoulder press and lateral raise anything would be easy. The bicep curls were harder than usual. Likely because the raise and the press killed my arms and my spirit before hand.

Then after each set of these he said “Now you’re going to do something that is called active rest.” I like that. It’s rest. BUT NO IT IS NOT IF YOU ARE PUSHING A SLED ALL THE WAY DOWN THE TURF FIELD AND BACK AGAIN! THAT IS NOT REST AT ALL!! Even if you’re not having to do it as fast as you can. He said “just casually push it.” Yeah. Casual. Active rest. Pfft. But! That really meant that I was doing way more work and motion and activity than usual and that is great.

Then I had to throw a ten pound medicine ball up against the wall fifteen times for three sets. First I was squatting to pick up the ball then my knee said “NO!” and then it was just bend over and pick it up. Dumb knee.

Then we finished it off with a classic series of regular crunches and alternating elbow to knee crunches while balanced on the bosu ball.

He is kicking it up! I like it.

This week he’ll be out of town for our Thursday session but he’s going to put one together for me to do on my own. I said I would do it. So I shall. Go me!


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