People take a lot of photos on these hikes! And they share them! It’s nice. I like that. And after this one was taken the photographer said “you have a beautiful smile!” To that I said thank you.

Happiness is hiking.

Happiness is hiking.

Today was gym day! I felt good. I felt all loose and not sore. Stretching yesterday was the right call! I found a silver hair as I looked in the mirror before I started my warm up! I laughed and then I did my five minutes on the stairmill at level 6, which means I’m slowly moving up in levels! and my shoulder warm ups.

Then Tyler commenced to make me all sweaty and work a lot.

He started me with burpees. Let me tell you this. When your session starts with burpees you know you’re about to have an hour of working your ass off, ok? That’s just how that goes. So, I had to use these 10lb weights as handles, plant them on the ground, do my burpee, then bring the dumbbells up with me into a curl and press. Ten times. Three sets. One set was while Tyler Swift sang my new favorite song so that went really well!

In between each of these I had to toss a 15lb medicine ball up in the air. The first set I had to squat down to pick it up, then toss it straight up, repeat. Ten times. The second set I had to squat to pick it up, toss it straight up, jump back, then squat again. The third set was the same as the first set. Lots of squats. And I squat low!

During this part of the session a felt something on my leg. It was a dryer sheet poking out of my pants leg. I laughed and was all “Well, at least you know they’re clean!” I’m cool.

Then he hands me this ten pound bar and tells me to hold it over my head while I do walking lunges down the turf field. I was lunging and doing great and then my right knee said OW! So, then I had to just finish that first set with just walking the rest of the turf field with the bar held over my head. Then I had to walk, slower, until he said to stop. When I stopped I had to do tricep curls with the bar. That happened three times. So, 30 tricep curls. My arms got, like, really cold and felt dead from lack of circulation. My body is awesome.

Then I got to have fun with the sled while it had 45lbs loaded on it. I had to walk really slowly with wide strides and push it the length of the turf field. Then I had to push it fast, then slow when he said, then fast, then slow to finish. Then I got to pull it down and back.

We finished the session off with leg lifts. He wanted me to do this thing where you have the weight in your hands, extended over your head, then you lift your torso and your legs to meet in the middle and you transfer the weight to your feet. Rinse repeat. We did this at ballet gym once with a ball. In front of a mirror. Wide butt, y’all. Damn. But, here at gym gym I tried it and as soon as the weight was between my feet it felt like my legs just did a nosedive right into the floor and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

So, instead of the transfer move we just did weighted leg lifts. Two sets of five with the weight, five without. The third set was ten, all with the weight. A 3lb weight. Which I have at home. So, guess what boys and girls? I just added yet another exercise I have to do at home.

Once I was home I took Gladys for a half walk. Things felt weird with some of the cars and people around my ‘hood. It was still pretty warm, too. I don’t want to overheat my wee girl. But I don’t want her to not get any walk at all now that she enjoys it. So, half walk.

And now? I am ready to hit the bed. Whew!


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