Today was a day of mostly rest. I did walk Gladys, even though I have a blister and my shins were sore. But not, like, “Oh no, I have shin splints!” sore. I don’t think. I think it’s just muscle sore and it’ll wear off.

I also spent some time researching blisters and how to treat them and prevent them and all of the options.

And as if that wasn’t enough fun I researched swollen fingers because on some walks my fingers swell up like woah!

Then I got a bug up my butt that I want a new point and shoot to take on my hike so I started researching cameras that I’ll not be able to afford.

I did do my shoulder stretches, shoulder warm ups, and leg stretches.

I’ve also been hungry all of the day long. Seriously. I’m never going to lose weight. I need to make peace with that.

To top it all off my body keeps giving me cramps and making me think my period has arrived and then I’m all “finally!” and so I go to take care of that and nothing. So, I guess my uterus is gearing up to be a dick about things again. That’s fun.

I should have hiked today. Blister be damned!


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