Tired Legs

My alarm went off at 4am again this morning. By 4:45 I was on the road. By 5:30 I was at my destination looking at this view:

Cone Mountain Circumference

This morning’s hike was the Cone Mountain Loop. It wasn’t a hard hike but it was a nice, rolling trail with constant up and down. The ground was a mix of small gravels and deep, loose sand. A pretty typical desert terrain, really.

My hips were a bit sore from yesterday and I didn’t notice that my left foot was getting a blister. But overall? All good stuff. The desert was amazing, the group is fantastic and I really like them, and I got to see my very first jackrabbit! No pictures of it, however. But I made up for not being able to photograph the cranky rattlesnake yesterday by photographing one that was pretty chill today. I’ve determined that I am not appropriately scared of snakes. It’s fine.

Some of the scenes from the hike:

Cone Mountain Circumference-2 Cone Mountain Circumference-6 Cone Mountain Circumference-9 Cone Mountain Circumference-13 Cone Mountain Circumference-16 Cone Mountain Circumference-17 Cone Mountain Circumference-21Cone Mountain Circumference

And this is the group I hiked with:

Cone Mountain Circumference Group

I really like them. It’s nice having a group to hike with, they’re very helpful and informative, there’s a lot of shared interests, and they’re just super nice and friendly folks. I’m glad I finally signed up for some hikes.

I was tempted to sign up for their hike tomorrow but the blister on my foot is making me feel that I should just use tomorrow to stretch, rest, and water aerobics. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m so reasonable.

On the Meetup page from yesterday’s hike someone posted this not very flattering at all candid photo of me standing with two of the other girls. I really hate candids of me. They never ever reveal me to be pretty. I always see candids, which are supposed to be a better reflection of ourselves, and I just see an ogre. Ugh. But! In this photo? I see an ogre with a smaller torso. Oh, I know, I still have a lot of torso going on. But it’s smaller. And that’s a positive!

That's a lot of torso I have!

That’s a lot of torso I have!

But then another lady posted this one and then I forgot about being sad about being an ogre. Because look how happy I look!

That's one happy ogre!

That’s one happy ogre!

This evening once the sun went down and the sidewalk felt less hot on my hands I took Gladys for her evening walk. And now it’s time to put me to bed. Hopefully Gladys will not wake me up too early. Sleeping in! I can do it!


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