Stabby Making Humidity

I just took Gladys for a walk and it was humid and it made me feel horrid and stabby. I sure do hope it moves out of here before my 5:30am hike!!! I don’t wanna hike in the humid. But, you know. Adversity and all of that. Good training. It’ll be fine. As long as I don’t have any stabbing implements. Just kidding. I think…

Now, let’s back up and talk about yesterday at the gym!

I woke up with a depression fog in my brain. I spent the day being a real shit. Then I went to the gym and acted like negative poo.

I did my 5 minute warm up on the stairmill then I did my shoulder warm up and then Tyler came over and asked his usual questions to assess what about my body hurts, doesn’t hurt, can be worked, etc. I explained that my neck was still a wee bit off and my thighs didn’t feel as bad as I thought they would.

So, sidenote…if you work really hard and your trainer is all “You’re going to really feel that in two days!” but you just have a mild soreness two days later….does that mean your not working hard enough? Or does that mean you’re making progress and you won’t ever feel that “oh my god my legs won’t work” soreness again? 

He determined we’d do upper body unless my neck hurt. It turned out my shoulders were the only thing to hurt! Gracious.

I did the verticle chest press. Three sets of 12 with 60lbs. This was a bit heavy and he had to correct my form a little but overall? Good stuff.

Then I did assisted knee pull ups. HOLY SHIT! My arms were on fire and after the first set my arms felt heavy. Like, it felt like I’d never done these before. I have no idea if he decreased the counterweight or not (I think as you decrease the counterweight it makes it harder…) but I only did 8, then 4.5, then 6.5. Rough, man. Plus my shoulder was all popping and cracking and it was all ugly. But I am impressed with how I pushed myself and did more than I thought I could. That’s a positive.

During this time I’m all whining about how I’m going backwards and he’s all “No, you’re going forward!” and trying to ignore my shit. 

Then he puts me on the incline chest press. This is the one that I can do and then I can’t do and then I kick it’s ass and then it kicks mine. Last night was a night that it kicked my ass. I did three sets of 10. First set with 20lbs then the last two sets with 15lbs.

Then I did a low row. This was hard, too. Three sets of ten. First set with 50lbs, last two sets with 40lbs. 

Insert me being whiny some more. Insert Tyler trying to ignore my shit.

Then I did a seated shoulder press with 10lb dumbbells in front of a mirror. Yeah. That makes my neck look super old. But! I can see my arms doing the work and that was nice. I did three sets of ten.

In between those I did the three way shoulders with a 2.5lb dumbbell. Three sets of ten of each move. 

He said he wants me to start doing that one at home with my 3lb dumbbell to help my shoulders. Then he said “I’m gonna keep adding stuff for you to do at home and eventually you’ll have a full workout!” and I smiled and said “Dude, I already figured that out…” and he laughed and was all “You’re the only one that listens!” I’m the star pupil. Gold star for me!!

Once that ordeal was over we went over to the ab area and I did three sets of fifteen easy crunches on the bosu ball.

Then I had to do three sets of 10 alternating hand to foot for each leg. So, twenty each set, really. On the bosu ball.

Then? I had to do a bosu ball v sit hold. Which looks like this:

The last time I tried this I could barely go 15 seconds without having to put my feet down. This time was a cake walk! 

The first time was 30 seconds. The second hold was 45 seconds. The last hold was a full minute. I just focused on my breathing, made small adjustments if I started to lose my balance, and I felt damn good about how well I did it. Damn good. It was an excellent way to end that session. Me seeing massive progress. I’m strengthening my core, improving my balance.

And? I noticed that when I walk on the sidewalks that have dips, the dips no longer bother my ankles. My ankles are stronger! Little differences here and there! 

Today I prepared for tomorrow morning’s hike. I bought a big box of Cliff Bars at CostCo.


 These taste really good! They are the best type of energy bar I’ve ever tried. Most of them are just weird with weird texture. But I like these. I’ll have one for breakfast and then carry some with me in the event I get hungry or feel weak on the hike.

I also filled up my water bladder and stuck it in the fridge so my water will be nice and cold in the morning. I have no idea how long it’ll stay that way but I’m giving it a fighting chance.


 Tomorrow will be my very first hike with official hike gear! I’ve hiked, yes. But not with weight strapped on. This is going to be a good test. I’m really excited! I have all of my stuff ready to go and I just have to get to sleep and then get up at 4am. No sweat.

I’ll save the sweat for tomorrow…


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