Beast mode!

Monday I got even more serious and I spent some time going through all of the hiking Meetup group emails and signed up for several hikes over the next few months. I’m going on two this weekend. One at 5:30am Saturday morning and one at 7:30am Sunday morning. Both are around 5 – 6 miles. One is rated easy. One is rated moderate.

Then, after I signed up for long hikes, I determined I needed a hydration day pack. One with a 3 liter bladder that I could also use in my big multi-day pack. See there? How frugal and wise?! So, I went to REI and tried on the one that I went there to see and then somehow got talked into trying on a different one and I somehow convinced myself I liked it better. I don’t know what happened. I think maybe I was hungry.

So, I buy it and I bring it home and me and I put it on and take Gladys for a walk.


Ummm…NO. It didn’t fit right and it has all of these extra things on the left strap that were rubbing my arm. No thank you.

So, Tuesday before my gym time with Tyler I ran to REI to trade it out. I go straight to the one I went there for, I loaded it down with a sand bag, I strapped it on, I walked around the store, I determined that I should have bought it to begin with. And? It was slightly cheaper AND not on sale which means it goes towards my dividend. Boom.


Also, it’s purple so we should all know immediately that is the one I should have bought without question.

Then I head to gym. And I have to tell him that I slept funny on my neck and it’s all pully and tight on the right again. So guess what that means? LEG DAY!!

I warm up on the stairmill for five minutes at level 6. And whomever used that one before me sweat all over it. Like, large drips of sweat all over the place. And it stunk. Just remembering it now to type it made me gag a wee bit. That is not hyperbole. That is a true story. It was terrible. It was so terrible that I worried that perhaps it was me that was the stink. That surely just large drops of sweat wouldn’t be that odorific. But they were. It was not me. I’ve never smelled that bad ever. I hope.

Now it’s time to really start. He puts me on the leg press and tells me he’s going to start his watch and I have to do as many presses as I can in a minute. I can rest but I must rest with my legs extended, not in the squatted position. The press is loaded with 50lbs. He says go, and go I did. My first set I pushed out 22! For the second and third set he says “Alright, you have to either maintain or surpass 22!” and I’m all “DAFUQ?!” and he laughs. But I did it. I did 23 of those. Boom.

Then I stand up to walk and my legs are dead. They’re noodley and weird and I can’t walk right.

Too bad for me. That’s leg day.

I then did leg extensions and hamstring curls. 3 sets of each. I did 15 leg extensions with 25lbs. I did 10 hamstring curls with 15lbs. The hamstring curls were hard.

Then to make sure my legs were really good and used and tired and broken he puts me on the treadmill. Inclined at 15. Five minutes. 3mph. Not too bad.

We finish the session off with ab work on the swiss ball.

I did one set of crunches on the swiss ball. I did 20. Then I did two sets of 15 while holding a 10lb medicine ball straight up in the air.

In between those sets I did three sets of torso twists with the medicine ball while sitting on the swiss ball. And when I was twisting my hips would want to get involved and he had to hold my lower half still so it was isolating my torso. My hips, y’all. They like to be involved!

Today my legs were ok. Unless I tried to walk down the stairs and then my quads were all “OH HI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US?!?!?!?” But I was all “pipe down, we’re walking down stairs, damn.”

This evening was rest day. I was going to go do the gym and do cardio but then I decided no. Because tired. And lots of hiking activity. And gym tomorrow. I’m doing a lot. I’m doing a lot more than I ever have and it’s ok to not do anything today. Except I walked Gladys. And did laundry. That’s not nothing. That’s something.

That’s something!


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