A bit of a rest day

I talked to Tyler on Thursday about how the last few sessions at the gym I just felt kinda weak and like I wasn’t making progress. He explained about plateaus and all of that but I said it didn’t feel like that. That it felt more like I was actually moving backwards. He said that likely what is happening is that my body is just tired. Even though my brain isn’t recognizing it because I have kicked up my activity. So, I’m going to agree with that. I can’t remember the last time I had a day that I simply did a whole lot of nothing. Sure, I have days that I don’t do much. But a day that I did absolutely nothing? I dunno…

So, here we go to hear all about how I did nothing today! Except…

I took Gladys for the longer 1.4 mile walk before we did anything else. And it was nice. She loves that walk, man. And I like it, too. It’s relaxing. A nice way to start the day.

Then I made breakfast. Which consisted of a nice sausage and egg burrito that I made here at home.

Then? I got all fancy and made spicy black bean hummus and that stuff is goddamn delicious. I can just eat it with a spoon, man.



Then I washed up some blueberries and they just look so pretty and nice.


And then I realized that even though I’m not seeing changes in the scale and I feel like I’m eating all of the time always, I’m definitely eating healthier than I ever have in all of my life. So that’s something!

Then I went to Stretch and Tone class even though I had no desire to! And I looked awesome.


If awesome means a chubby loon.

Stretch and Tone class was good, though. I’m a bit more flexible in some areas and still all bent leg in others. And my left leg is more flexible than the right. Which may be due to the right hip being lower at the moment. See how all of this ties together?! Me, too.

One lady talked and talked to me and while I was talking and talking to her I realized that I’m way more talky to people now, too. I talked a lot to people at the hike on Saturday. I talk to people at the social nerd Meetup group. Apparently I talk now. Neat!

Then I came home and had lunch. Which was a whole wheat tortilla with black bean hummus spread on it, some shredded chicken I made last night, and some thinly sliced pepper jack cheese. That was delish. So good. So simple.

I have done a lot of laying on the couch watching “The Killing” today. But also some fidgety walking around the house moving things to and fro. And dishes. And cooking more chicken in the crock pot. That type of thing.

For dinner I had half of a chicken breast, some refried beans, and some cottage cheese. All of which was yum and good.

I spent some time reading various people’s posts on PumpUp and there seems to be an emerging crowd of people that find the whole “clean eating” thing to be far too silly, far too stressful, and not actually beneficial. That eating in moderation, making sure you’re taking in enough calories to sustain you while also not more than you expend in a day, and that it’s more of a focus on keeping a certain percentage of your diet for protein, carbs, and fat. It’s the no stress diet. And it sounds like a whole lot of what I’ve been doing except for the tracking my macros. That’s the protein, carbs, fat thing. They don’t stress if they have a cookie, because they know that stressing over it leads to eating all of the cookies. They want a cookie, they eat a cookie. It feels somewhat validating to see a bunch of people that look fantastic are promoting what I’ve basically said forever. Look at me. I was fitnessy all this time and I didn’t even know it.

I’ve also noticed that people who do these cleanse diet things, like the fruit in the water thing, and claim that they work great! Are also making changes in other areas of their fooding but only attributing the weight loss to their “cleansing water!” I’ll even ask “Well, are you making other changes in your diet?” And they’re all “Oh, yeah!” and they begin to detail all of that out but still land on the fruit infused water with chia seeds being the trick. But you know what? If that works for them, I’ll let it stand. I’ll just keep drinking my water and doing my thing.

Speaking of which…at ballet gym I felt like a fat fatty. I hate looking up and seeing my ass in the mirror while we’re doing the floor stretches and it makes me feel bad for my gyno that they have to look at that view without the benefit of pants. That poor woman. But then I put on my Wonder Woman bikini and it didn’t look as bad as last time. And then I looked in the mirror at my torso while it was in the relaxed position. It’s not great but it is definitely smaller. Yes, I weigh the same. But I measured again and there are inches that are gone and I guess you can see that. I guess I just don’t because I’m me and I’m not going to.

So, with all of that said. Progress progress progress! And soon I need to do a true rest day, I guess.


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