Make Up The Moves As I Go

Gladys and I have been going on walks in the mornings and/or the evenings and it’s all very nice and good. She’s already to the point that she expects it. Last night I went to a food truck court and had delicious blackened catfish and mac n cheese and was just going to sit and chill since I had to be up so early this morning. But, no. She had other ideas. And she sat on the floor and stared up at her leash until I got my butt off the couch and took her for a walk. She’s very good at what she does.

Thursday was gym day! So what did I do? Good stuff, that’s what!

As always I was there before my time so I did the warm up on the stairmill for five minutes and my shoulder warm up. Oh, stairmill. I will defeat you.

First off I did the vertical hack squat. One set without weight to check my form. And as he checked my form he noticed that I looked off so he stood behind me as I squatted and then was all “your right hip is lower than the left.” This is a thing that has happened before so I guess I need to go to the chiropractor and get adjusted again. I haven’t since I was rear ended last year so it’s likely a good idea. And? I can use my HSA funds for that!! Wooo!

So, after all of that I did two more sets of ten vertical hack squat with 20lbs.

Next was the super leg press single leg squat. Three sets of 10.

  • First set was with 40lbs. I held the non-squatty leg straight out, no fancy moves. This felt like a pretty standard squat, just with one leg.
  • Second set was with 60lbs. I had to cross the non-squatty leg over the squatty leg, which stretched out the hamstrings. This, again, felt like a pretty standard squat, just with one leg and stretched out hamstrings.
  • Third set? He moved me up to 100lbs. Same motion. This I felt. But I did it easily! Go me!

Now I’m doing hamstring curls and I still hate them. Three sets. The first set was 12 with 50lbs which may have been heavier than I usually do, maybe? And I did them. The next two sets was with 60lbs and I could barely get through 8 on my own and then I think he jumped in and helped a wee bit on the last two of each set. This will improve. I gotta change my mindset about this one, likely.

Then over to the barbell incline bench press! Three sets of how ever many I could do with the 45lb bar. First set I did 8. Then 6. Then 7. It wasn’t fluid or steady but I did them. And he explained why it was harder on the incline than when I’m laying flat on my back. It engages the smaller chest muscles more than the larger ones that lay under the breast area. I’m learning about muscles! But, again, I found that I kinda really enjoy bench pressing! I would NEVER have thought that would be the case. But there you go.

Then I did two sets of bent over dumbbell rows. First set was 20 with 20lbs. Second set was 12 with 25lbs.

In between those sets I did 2 sets of 15 cross crunches on the bosu ball. My abs are really starting to feel these. I guess that means I’m doing the crunches better or something? I dunno.

Then he showed me leg and hip stretches. Which I should go do after I finish this up.

I walked Gladys when I got home after the gym. And I walked Gladys on Friday after the delicious dinner.

This morning my alarm went off at 4:20 so I could leave the house by 5am for a 6am hike at Lookout Mountain. Nobody else is really out at that time of the morning, it seems.


I went to the Walgreen’s for water and breakfast.


Then I hiked for 1 hour and 48 minutes for a total of 3.57 miles. I found it to be an easy hike. Some of the group thought it was hard and that made me feel good about my hiking skills. Wooooo!

But, it was a nice hike with a nice group of people and pretty decent scenery.





Then this evening I walked Gladys and went to the grocery store.

On top of all of that? I can’t stop dancing around to this song. I’m not even going to explain myself. Because I think you should just like what you like. And right now? I like this. So there.


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