Buckle down

Monday morning I woke up and holy hell was my body sore! Like, I forgot that we did pushups at ballet gym until I yawned that morning. The chest. The back. The arms. The calves. The thighs. It all hurt.

On my way to the office I realized that when I was packing up my lunch I forgot to pack the wraps. The wraps are a very important part of my turkey wrap lunch plan so I walked across the street to the grocery store to get more. I love that the weather has been a bit milder and that my office is in such close proximity to good, local places to eat and the grocery store. It’s not a bad view, either.


And the walk was totally worth it because my turkey wraps are delicious and I kinda wish I had one in front of me right now. It doesn’t look like a big deal, really, but it’s yum. You’d like it.


This was my last Monday of meeting with Tyler. When I arrived to the gym I was quite a bit early, as usual, and I hopped on the treadmill since all of the stairmills were taken. I did a variety of inclines and all of that for ten minutes. But I found that if I start breathing too heavy on the treadmill, I’ll adjust the speed or the incline and that’s just going to cheat myself the benefits in the long run.

Once Tyler arrived he asked how things were going, I updated him on the state of my body and he was all “What did you leave for me?!” and I felt around and moved around and determined that my abs felt fine. So, abs it was!

But first? He made me get on the stairmill for six minutes at level 5. That was OK.

Then we went over to the roman chair and I did three sets of 10 leg raises and three sets of 10 knee raises. It went legs/knees/rest x 3.

Then? Back to the stairmill! Fun times! Another six minutes at level 5. That was OK, too. I was winded, yes. But I don’t recall wanting to die.

Then we went back to the ab area and I did three sets of 15 bosu ball crunches. I’m faster and steadier doing these than I once was. Then I had to do three sets of 10 cross weighted crunches with an 8lb weight. What this was is I lean back on the bosu ball, hold the weight in my right hand and hold the arm straight up, then cross the left leg over the right knee, then crunch! Then change sides and repeat! This, naturally, threw off my balance but that helps build up the core, man. Working to find and keep that balance.

After this? More stairmill! He made me go straight to level 8. And I immediately felt like I was going to die. I pushed on as long as I could and that turned out to be 3 minutes and 20 seconds and then I had to stop. I was dying. My heart was racing, my breathing was hard, I was covered in sweat. It was all bad. But I recovered quickly, which is good, and got back on there. He wanted me to make it 5 minutes this time. Start out on Level 7 and adjust as I need. I stayed at level 7 for 1 minute, dropped down to 6 for I don’t know how long, and then finished it all off on level 5. Dead. Red faced, sweaty, and dead. It was about this time when Tyler asked me when I last went for a hike. Yeah. And then he suggested that I do more cardio as I can and asked about my schedule and I heard a long stream of excuses coming out of my face. My red, red face.


I am not that red when we do weight work. This is what cardio does to me. I get all red faced. This likely means I’m dead, right? Am I living in some Sixth Sense type world now?

Today? I packed my gym bag and I went to the gym right after work and did the stairmill. On my off day. I did three sets of 10 minutes at Level 5 on the stairmill. Tyler saw me and came over in between clients. “Good work!”

So, I think I’ll cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (unless I have plans because, really? Yes). I’ll train with Tyler on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll sign up for hikes on Saturdays as hikes on Saturdays are available, close, and interesting. And Sundays will be for ballet gym. That’s a chore wheel! One of my friends will be very pleased by this chore wheel thing.

I do have a hike I’m registered for on Saturday morning. So, there’s that. I’m determined!

Also, when I look at myself at the gym and the other girls and their cute attire and not t-shirt tops I realize I totally look like this:

But not as hot. Because I’m not Cobie Smulders. But all the rest looks right. But that’s fine! I keep saying…

And there you have it. My sitting down time gets getting smaller and smaller, y’all.


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