Yesterday I finally decided to get rid of the kitty tree. In the past carrying things that had any weight to them at all and/or were awkwardly shaped would require that I stop, put the item down, rest, change positions of my hands, etc. But yesterday I just picked it up and carried it out to the trash in the alley. And then I opened the lid to the trash and then I picked up the kitty tree and lifted it and dumped it into the can. Without any breaks. Without any huffing and puffing. Without having to adjust how I was carrying it. And that is one of the examples of how all of this gymming is helping me in my day to day life!


This morning I got up and determined that I should go on and walk Gladys before the Sun was fully up and way hot. So that’s what I did! She’s a good little walking pal. We average about 3.3mph. Which, really, isn’t too shabby considering she has wee legs and I usually only do 3.6mph on the treadmill.

When I took my gym shoes off after the walk I noted that there’s already quite a bit of wear on the bottom of my shoes. Which isn’t too bad but it’s not great, either. I want them to at least last me a year. We’ll see.

I then contemplated going to the gym before I went to ballet gym for my Stretch and Tone class. Ultimately I decided against it. I don’t yet know how much is too much and I don’t want to mess up my sessions with Tyler by doing too much beforehand. I walked. I ballet gymmed. I stretched. I toned. That’s good stuff.

Stretch and Tone class kicked my ass today. I just feel super weak right now and during one move my legs were actually shaking. I have no idea what is going on but it needs to knock it off. Unless it’s cupcakes. The one thing that this week has had is three cupcakes. Are cupcakes stealing my strength?!?!? ARE CUPCAKES MY KRYPTONITE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!

Anyway. I felt weak. I pushed through and did what I could and I rested when I needed to. Ballerinas don’t like that. They come over and give you modified moves to do. No standing for you! The stretching still hurts like hell but good lord I can tell how good it is for me and each week I am ever so much more flexible. Not much, mind you, but I can see it and feel it.

After class, I went to the store and bought a few different things. I don’t want to get burned out on chicken, even though I make it different each time, and I definitely don’t want to get burned out on the fish tacos. So, I decided to make some roasted red pepper hummus and then buy some cucumbers for dipping snack time and some healthy wraps and make turkey wraps with hummus. And I had one for dinner and it was terrific. Tomorrow I’ll make some bacon to add to them. I think that’ll be fine. I know it’ll be delicious. As is my hummus.


I measured myself in the middle of the day. After being awake and eating several things. After being in stretch and tone class. After drinking chocolate milk after class since I keep hearing how good that is after a workout. And even if it’s not? It’s delicious, so there. But, my middle of the day measurements for my hips and waist were smaller than my starting out, first thing in the morning measurements from March! That? IS FANTASTIC! So, fuck the scale. Measurements are where it’s at. Also? My thighs are a wee bit bigger, which I’m going to take as meaning that’s muscle. Yup. But my waist and hips being smaller is yay. Yay!

I downloaded that 30 Day Challenges app. Apparently if a lot of people go jump off of a bridge, I will, too. But I will not be dumping ice water over my head! Oh, no. But I did the first day of the cardio challenge. So, we’ll see.

Also? Now that I have one pair of Under Armour work out pants my other ones seem lame and terrible and frumpy and I hate them. I’ll use them, since that’s what I have. But I look forward to being able to expand and update my workout gear when I can.

Two other products I’m kinda sorta interested in but not sure if I need to invest money in are:

1. A water filtration system of some sort so I can be sure to drink enough water on the weekends. Like a Brita pitcher or something like that. Anybody have any recommendations? I don’t want to buy a bunch of bottled water. That takes a lot of money and it creates a lot of plastic trash. During the week I have access to the one at work and I drink water like it’s my job. Then the weekend hits and I’m just not drinking the water that I should.

2. A Polar watch that tracks heart rate and all of that while you’re hiking, walking, working out, etc. Is that useful? Is that something that someone that’s not really training for marathons or competitions or anything like that needs? I don’t even know why I’m interested in this, but I am. Seems like when I’m doing my cardio maybe if I could see that what I’m doing is beneficial I’d keep it up or do it more often or harder or something? I don’t know. It could just be that I don’t have a lot of wants and desires of “stuff” and this is something that would be classified as a “stuff” and “oh, maybe I should have that!” So, anyone use one? Is it something I should have? Or would I just obsess over those stats like I have been with the scale?

And that is how I spent Sunday.


One thought on “Streeeeeeeeetch

  1. Before we had the faucet installed at home, we used the PURWater filtered pitcher. It worked very well but the price of filters adds up. Right now I pay for a year of filtered water installed in our sink and it is $178.20/year. I’m not sure about the price of installation, etc but that might be worth looking into. They service it annually for free.

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