Up! Up! and Oh, shit…

Wednesday was one of those rare under 100 degrees August days so I took Gladys for a walk after work. She was quite pleased about that turn of events.

Happy Gladys. Active me.

Happy Gladys. Active me.

Thursday was gym day! And I went there all pumped up because Monday gym day went so well! And I warmed up on the stairmill for 5 minutes and then I did my shoulder exercises and then I did 3 more minutes on the stairmill before Tyler showed up to start our session. And I told him how good I felt on Monday with the progress I’d made and he mentioned that I really did do a lot on Monday and was surprised that I indicated I wasn’t sore or anything from that.

So, off we went to begin the work out.

First up was the HS ISO Chest Press. I did them no sweat without any of the weights on there. But then he added 20lbs and suddenly that was damn near impossible for my arms. It was heavy, I felt weak. It sucked. I got through 12. On the second set I got through 8 and I think he had to step in on the last one because my arms, literally, just froze in place and would not move the weight any more. On the last set I did 10 with 10lbs and that felt no different than the 20lbs. We are so not off to a good start here.

Then he handed me a 20lb EZ Curl bar and I had to do shoulder press up and overs. Three sets. Holy shit. My arms were just not useful. But I managed to do 16, then 12, then 10. And each time my arms damn near gave out on me.

At this point he told me that I could blame the humidity because I’ve done that chest press machine before without him having to jump in and without my arms freezing. But on Thursday it was as if I’d never used that machine before in my life. Ugh.

After all of this he takes me over to do some seated cable rows. Finally! Something that I can do and feel good about. I did three sets of 12 with 50lbs. And I Googled and found out this is good for the back muscles. My back is getting stronger. Yay.

Then he wanted me to do this vertical hack shoulder press and, again, my arms and shoulders were not feeling it. I barely pushed it up and then the weight of it made me feel like it was going to slam my arms/shoulders down and I explained that to him and he said no more of that for today. I don’t think either one of us really understood why my arms were so weak Thursday. But I guess that shit just happens sometimes? That’s what I’m telling myself.

So then I did 3 sets of 15 bench tricep dips. That’s gotten way easier. When I first started doing those it hurt my wrists and I hated it.

And I did 3 sets of 15 full body crunches on the edge of the bench. Holy shitballs. My abs are really getting worked lately. And? There is a full mirror wall beside this bench and I do not like watching my torso while I do crunches. Gross.

After we did this he had to adjust the schedule based on my weak assed arms. He looked around and he had on his thinking face and then you could see the lightbulb turn on and then he made his “Oh, this is gonna be good!” evil smile face. And I instantly said “Oh, shit. I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” and explained what all I just witnessed on his face and he was all “Yeah, pretty much.”

What he told me to do seems like it would be easy. But it’s some sort of evil sorcery of weights and it is not. I dare you to do it at home. I challenge you! Do it. You won’t like it.

I had to do 12 lateral arm raises with a 5lb weight. Then put that down and do the same with a 3lb. Then put that down and do the same with a 1lb. By the time you get to the 1lb you’d think it would be like lifting a marshmallow but it is not. Somehow the 1lb feels heavier than the 5lb! And he knew that and he laughed with glee while I was all “HOLY FUCK THIS IS HARD!” and he was all “Yep.” And then joked that he should video me doing them with the 1lb and post it and be all “Look how much progress Andrea has made!” and I think that would be hilarious. But we didn’t do that. But I had to do that routine twice and it did not get easier. Sorcery, I tell you. Gym sorcery.

I did 2 sets of 12 swiss ball sit ups. More abs, you see. I have them under my jiggley, I just know it. And in the morning when I see my morning belly in the mirror I used to say “Man, I wish morning belly was all day belly!” But now when I see morning belly in the mirror I know I’m seeing the future and I get happy.

After this he went and got these sliders like they use to move furniture. But I had to stand on them. And then I had to bend over and hold on to a dumbbell with each hand. And then I had to use my abs and pull my knees up toward my chest like a tuck. That shit was hard. And the first time I did it I laughed and laughed and laughed because it was absurd and I am Andrea. But then I got serious and tucked those knees but could only do it, like, twice in a row. So it was kind like I did 5 sets of 2.

Then, while keeping my feet on the sliders, I had to do mountain climbers. 30. Which was 15 with each leg. Holy shit. I did it, though. I did it.

And that was the end of Thursday. And I felt weak and beat up and even as I sit here now my arms are just sore, man. I don’t get it. But it’s fine. I worked out and put in as much effort as I could and that is far better than being on my couch night after night like I was.

Tyler had t-shirts made with his logo on them and is offering them at reasonable price. Of course I bought one because I would recommend him to anyone ever that wanted a trainer. And? The shirts are pretty sweet. I like the way it fits and I like how it feels. So, yay for new gym shirt! I think I’m getting another in red. Because I look good in red.

I'm not sure if seeing my body in this shirt will entice people to call him but there you go.

I’m not sure if seeing my body in this shirt will entice people to call him but there you go.

Friday morning I woke up feeling pretty defeated and deflated from my lackluster arm performance the night before. But then I got onto the PumpUp app and commented on a few posts and had a few commentversations with a really nice girl that is super supportive and motivating on there on my post and I decided to post a reminder to myself of why I am doing all of this. Or, at least, what my main goal is. I can add goals and whys. But this is why I started. This is my number one goal. All other goals are below this one right now.

I'm the dork of the world!!!

I’m the dork of the world!!!

I am doing this so I am healthy and strong and fit so I can hike down and across and back up the Grand Canyon. This is not for abs. This is not for a nice butt. This is not for some random as of yet met dude that may care about such superficial bullshit. This is all for me. This is for me and my goal to hike that Canyon and feel proud and good of myself and to enjoy the trip with my friends. I want to drink a beer at the bottom. I want to drag all of our shit to my car after and get a cheeseburger and talk about the awesome thing we just did. That’s why. And now that I’ve reminded myself and refocused, I’ve let go of Thursday. I’m not beating myself up. I was at the gym. I did what I could. I pushed through as much as I could. And I signed up for the next 8 sessions. Boom!

And? I measured myself Friday morning and my waist has dropped an inch now! So there’s that.

Then Friday night I took Gladys for a shorter walk as it appeared she was panting a whole lot on this one. And then this morning I took her for the regular walk before the temp got high. It’s good for her and it’s good for me!

I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in years. With the combination of finally treating my allergies, getting glasses to use while I’m on the computer, and being active and gymming, it’s all just really made a difference in my overall well being and I’m glad that I can see and feel that. I sleep better and I don’t feel run down. It’s all very good stuff. I recommend it.


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