The track and being on it

I see a lot of people post motivational memes and quotes and photos and ask others what quotes motivate them when they need a push and everyone always has an answer.

I don’t. I just decide that I’m going to do stuff and then I do it. I don’t have any inspirational quote running through my head or someone I’m doing things for other than myself. Does that make me narcissistic? Being able to motivate/inspire myself? Doing things for me instead of thinking I should be healthy for my family or whatever? I just figure that I’m worth being healthy for. I dunno. I do sometimes wonder about weird things. This is one of them. I don’t have a library of quotes that move me. I just finally decide to do something and then I do it.

Now. Let’s catch up! Again! Maybe I should just stop saying I’m catching up and just realize that I post on Sunday and that it is totally fine.

I went to the gym on Monday because a local movie theatre is showing the first three Indiana Jones movies on Tuesdays and who doesn’t want to see Indiana Jones in the theatre again? I mean, look at him…he’s goddamn dreamy:

dreamy Dr. Jones

Hey, girl. I’m charming as fuck.

So Tyler graciously agreed to change my Tuesday night to Monday for the next three weeks. Which is great. But it’s also throwing off my week and I’ll be happy when my weeks are back to normal. That is not a complaint. That is just how I work. I get a routine and then there it is.

I arrived at the gym early on Monday and did 22 minutes on the treadmill. Go me!

Then Tyler had me do:

  • Vertical chest press. Three sets of 12 with 60lbs.
  • Cybex machine row (close). Three sets of 10 with 40lbs.
  • BM Machine shoulder press (wide). Three sets of 10 with 30lbs.
  • Machine bicep/tricep combo. This machine is really hard. Three sets of 10 of each of these. First set with 30lbs, the last sets wtih 25lbs.
  • Dumbbell chest press on the swiss ball. Three sets of ten with 10lbs.
  • Dumbbell shoulder press on the swiss ball. Three sets of ten with 10lbs.
  • Swiss ball planks. Three for 10 seconds each. The first time he had it butted up in the corner so I could get the feel for it. The second one he held it while I got my balance and held a plank. The third one he sorta held it but was mostly just making me think he was holding it so I’d do it. And I did.
  • Dumbbell bent over row. Three sets with 10lbs. The first set was 15 and it was super easy so I told him it was easy and that I should likely do 20. So the second and third set I did 20.
  • Swiss ball crunches. We have no idea how many I did because he was working on my form while I was doing them and then he sometimes doesn’t count to see how long I’ll just keep going without him saying to stop.

The gym was really busy on Monday so we were working around other people and some of them were using the same machines as me while I rotated and it worked out OK. Except one dude took it way too seriously when I was all “Yeah, dude…I gotta work on these guns!” and giggled. He was all “That’s the chest machine.” Damn, dude. So sorry. Go take a ‘roid or something and settle down. Gosh.

This entire workout made my arms feel dead. I felt dead and tired. But I looked alive and that was nice.


I take photos to share on that PumpUp app when I track my activity and weight and stuff. I don’t share most of them on Instagram or anywhere else. And I won’t share them all here. But they exist. And you’re ok not seeing them because it’s just what I’m eating or a photo of weights or whatever. I’ll share the ones that I think are worth sharing. You’re ok with that, too.

Tuesday was Indiana Jones day so nothing in the form of exercise happened.

Wednesday Gladys decided to act like she was super ill and I spent the evening in the emergency vet. She likely had a seizure. We don’t know. She was fine once we got there and fine on Thursday morning and fine every day since. Maybe she was just being dramatic about something? Time will tell. So, no exercise happened Wednesday.

Thursday was gym day! Tyler had asked me to bring my backpack. So I did.


I warmed up on the treadmill. Then I warmed up my shoulders. Then? He took me over to the stairmill and proceeded to try to kill me.

He put 10 lbs in the backpack and then the stairmill on level 5 and made me walk up the stairs for 3 minutes. Sounds like no sweat right? Not to me. Because I’m out of shape. Damn. We did this three times.

Then I would take off the backpack and do backpack squat and presses. Fifteen of them. Three sets.

Then I had to do a bonus round on the stairmill at level 8 for 3 minutes. This one is the one that almost did me in. After that he said that when I come in and am warming up, if a stairmill is available he wants me on that instead of the treadmill. He’s right. So I’ll do it.

After I almost died he took me over to stand in front of a fan to cool down. He walked away to put the weight away. I decided I was ready to not be in front of the fan and proceeded to trip over the floor hook and then I laughed and laughed. So did another trainer that saw me. I’m a hoot.

Then I did swiss ball sit ups. Three sets of 20. These really worked the abs, man. Wow.

I didn’t do anything on Friday. Except get ice cream!

no need for screaming, it is ice cream

no need for screaming, it is ice cream

Yes, I got ice cream. I was having my period and I indulged in the chocolate. I got the one scoop baby cup, though. It’s a perfect size.

Saturday I went shopping and bought good food and fruit and stuff. I also did my water aerobics. And I ate some of this and oh my word, it is so delicious!

I fairly traded my money with Costco for this.

I fairly traded my money with Costco for this.

Today, Sunday,  I did my shoulder warm ups. Then I went to ballet gym and did the Stretch and Tone class. Holy shit. This class is really amazing and I can tell that it is helping keep my knee happy. We do stretches that hurt like hell and we work the calves, glutes, and abs to tone them. Under my jiggley I suspect some good is going on. Yay!

During the week I weighed myself and I was retaining water like woah and indulging in the chocolate. But as of this morning I was back to 153 and I’m gonna keep making that number go down. GO DOWN, NUMBER!!! Because, fine, I care. I now care and want to look better. Fine? Are we fine now that I admitted that? Good.

Right now I am crockpotting some chicken for the week’s lunches. I’ll make some green beans and some baked beans to go with. Look at me. Being all whatever that is.

One day this past week somebody at work saw my lunch and said “you must have been bullied, you’re eating healthier!” and I was all “no, nothing of the sort. It just kinda happened on its own. A natural progression.” And that is true. And I like it. So there.


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